Reflections, Memories, and Images of Vietnam Past


"Remembrance" is a collection of "Galleries" containing imagery, stories, poems, songs, maps, and narratives from or about the Vietnam War era. This section also contains a "Glossary" of terms and slang used in this era and found in the writings throughout this Site.

One Gallery is dedicated to Vietnam Veterans Memorials from around the world, and virtual searches can be done in others for the names listed on The Wall in D.C. and by State. There are two "Roll of Honour" Galleries of the Services Personnel and civilians of our Mates Down Under who were killed in Vietnam -- one for the Aussies and another for the Kiwis.

Contributors to these Galleries include Veterans and their families and friends. Many of these files are quite large and may take awhile to load. For more information on these materials, click here.

The Squad Leader for this section is Bill McBride. The assistant squad leader is Roger Herrick. To obtain further information on contributing materials for inclusion in "Remembrance," please contact Bill on the Internet using this automatic "Mail To" form:

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A reference list containing the terminology, slang, and abbreviations used by Vietnam Veterans and others.

Vietnam Veterans Memorials

Memorials to Vietnam Veterans located within the United States and around the world.

Peruse The Wall for the names of Vietnam Veterans who were killed or are MIA.


By State listings of all U.S. Vietnam War Casualties. This listing was compiled by Jay Ebert, USAF. These listings are based on the Home of Record information in the files of the National Archives.


The Australian "Roll of Honour" lists Australian Services Personnel and civilians who were killed while serving their country in Vietnam.

The New Zealand "Roll of Honour" lists New Zealand Services Personnel and civilians who were killed while serving their country in Vietnam.


Timothy M. Youngblood--My Story

This story is dedicated to all those in 502 / 501st. Inf. 101st. Airborne "C" Company, and especially to those who gave it all and a big sharp salute to them.


"The Meaning of IS"

By Lance Corporal John C. Calhoun USMC
Written by Ed Driscoll

The Poems of Guy L. Jones

Guy Served in Pleiku, Vietnam from November '68 to October '69

The War In Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia

Featuring Michael Wilson, who served in the USAF and was stationed at Udorn Airfield and Korat Airfield, Thailand; Robert Pizzano and Michael Koehnen who served in "The Rose Garden;" Roger Herrick's tribute to his brother -- USAF pilot Captain James Herrick, MIA in Laos, 1969; and a link to the "Thailand, Laos, Cambodia Brotherhood, Inc." Web Site.


"The Story of Ruby"

Written by Vietnam Veteran Mercer "Mac" Dorsey. Mac served as a U.S. Army Advisor to to the Vietnamese.


"The Forrestal CVA-59"

Written by Vietnam Veteran Don Cook. Don served with VF-11.


Barry L. "Bama" Herron

Barry served with the 4th Inf. Div., B Co., 4th Combat Engineers from 1968-1969. Photos included.


"The Bitter Homecoming"

By Dennis J. Stauffer

Editor's note: This article by Dennis first appeared in the Sunday, Dec. 5, 1982, edition of the Grand Rapids Press. It is in pdf format to retain the original look and feel of the published article.


"Memorial Day: 1999"

By Robert Sasse, Marine Veteran.

Editor's note: I meant to get this posted by Memorial Day 1999 but did not. It is a very nice tribute to Robert's friend and to all veterans.


Four Poems by Danny L. Crafton


"The Poems of Cecilia (CeCe) Upson Covera"


"Five Stories"

By Vietnam Veteran Michael Murphy, USN.


"DEROS: A Year In Vietnam"

By Vietnam Veteran, Michael J. Horton, Army.


Essays of a REMF

By Robert E. Wheatley, Former Sgt., USAF Security Service, Udorn, Thailand, 1967-1968. "In the rear with the gear."

Honoring all those who served.



By Vietnam Veteran Robert Sasse


"Stories about the Robin Hoods"

James "Bud" Harton Jr. was assigned to the 173rd Assault Helicopter Company at Lai Khe in III Corps.


"The Diary and Other Writings of 1C9H"

"One Charlie Niner Hotel" served in the Nam from '68-'69.

"The Images of Paul Owen"

Images from the "more real" War in Vietnam ... take a journey with "Hawks" recon and also meet a surprising young Lady.

The Stories of Jack Hartzel

Jack was with E-CO. 2nd Bn. 9th Marine Regmt. 3rd Marine Div. I-Corps 66-67-68.


"HILL 882"

This is a story of the first battle faced by a nineteen-year-old infantry soldier in the mountains west of FSB Vehgel, May 1970, one month preceding the seige of FSB Ripcord in the A Shau Valley.

Unknown to his unit, they run into a sapper base camp, of full NVA-Division strength, preparing for Ripcord.


After Action Report: Vietnam 1969

"This is an account of the last six days of 10 men," compiled by David and John Kolson from records of the U.S. National Archives and other sources.


Plei Djereng, Pleiku Province, Vietnam--November 1966

A hard-hit Company survives, thanks to some help from a friend ... from Down Under.

By Lou Talley


The Memory of a Journalist in the Fight

Mr. Nha is a journalist in Vietnam and was assigned to a Viet Cong field surveillance unit during the War.


Holiday Tributes

Remembrances, journeys, and ceremonial speeches written by Veterans, family, and friends.

"The Christmas Lizard"

Bill McCarron is a retired Air Force lieutenant colonel and served in Vietnam from July 1969 to July 1970. Bill writes about the wonder of newfound family and a tiny "friend" who made every night Christmas for a year.


"The Poems of John Musgrave"

John Musgrave, USMC Ret., served with Delta Co, 1st Bn, 9th Marine Reg, 3rd Marine Div, Nam '67-'68. His poems are a "must read."


The author of this Gallery is anonymous.

He served with the 9th Infantry Division (US Army) - Mekong Delta - '68-'69.


"To America, Love and Gratitude"

The poems and pictures of Linh Duy Vo, who was one of the first to arrive at Camp Pendleton Marine Base one day after the fall of Saigon. He arrived with only a shirt, pants, and a few pictures.


"The Songs of Mark Jackson"

Mark dedicates this Gallery to his brother, Larry Jackson, who was KIA September 12, 1969, in Vietnam. Larry flew with the 129th AHC at Lane Army Airfield.


"Picking Up The Pieces"

Christopher Garrett was in the 101st Airborne in Nam and writes a chilling account about Gilbert Ruff, RTO.


The Writings of Dennis Hodo

Dennis was a Medic with Third Platoon, Alpha Company, 1st of the 12th, Fourth Infantry Division.


"Remembrances of Khe Sanh"

Stories and photos of the Khe Sanh Combat Base and surrounding areas by USMC Veterans Earl Clark, Jim Wodecki, Jim Epps, Cliff Treese, and 101st Airborne Helicopter pilot, "Rusty Wings."


"Letters From Vietnam"

A growing collection of personal letters and correspondence between Veterans and their families and friends. Featuring Tim "t-bomb" Driscoll, Gary Canant, Stanley Homiski, Paul O'Connell, and Mark Jackson.


"No End To War"

Dennis Wynne served with the Australian Army in Nam, and he gives us a brief bio; but this Gallery is from a proud Warrior about the published writing of his daughter, Joanne, on PTSD. An informative and insightful read.

(Editor's Note: Since the placing of this material, the idea was formed to devote this Gallery to some of the further writings concerning PTS, recovery, and related articles. Steve Robbins adds his courageous story, "The Long Journey Home.")


"Door Gunner"

Stories by Mike Powell

Mike served with A Co/229th AHB (Assault Helicopter Battalion), 1st Cavalry Division in Tay Ninh in III Corps, '69-'70.


"My Tour...Photos from the 4th and 25th Infantry Divisions"

By Jim DeLuco

Jim served in Vietnam during 1966-1967


"Gooood Morning, Vietnam !!!"

Great music from the war years. This gallery contains music files (.mid) of popular songs from the Vietnam era. Requests taken!! Introducing the VVHP's virtual d-jays Steve Robbins and Skip Dempsey.


"Vietnam 1968"

"We were surprised by our bravery and equally surprised by how scared we were...." Tim Lickness writes of his tour in Vietnam as a platoon leader with the 101st Airborne in 1968.

A new essay by Tim that appeared in the San Diego Union Tribune on 2 May, 2000.

Two new essays by Tim Lickness: "Rescue of Dustoff 65" and "Reunion"


"My Heart Will Not Forget"

Two poems and a story ... a story you won't easily forget.

By SSgt Bruce Forbes, USAF.



A single word that has come to mean the era of a War and of a generation. Another generation is now studying and writing about Vietnam with the wisdom to research the source. Don't miss the wonderful prose and poetry of these talented students, who are trying to understand the Vietnam experience.


"I was a REMF"

From the "Golden Fifties" to Nam, the poems of Roy Minier tell us about the loss of innocence and having nowhere to go when you're scared.

Roy was US Army, legal clerk and 3/6 Arty.


"The River"

A Paul Clayton story, excerpted from his novel, Where The Shadows Run From Themselves.


"Escape From Vietnam"

Accounts of those that fled Vietnam during and after the war.


"American Pies, Happy Lives, Blue Skys, and Other Lies"

A play by David W. Christner


"What is a Vietnam Veteran?"

Dan Mouer's moving answer to a college student's question. This Gallery also includes stories of Dan's experiences in the Nam.


"Meaningless Victory" and other poems

By Bill Hagee


Gunner 44 -- James E. Leiker

"Hug From The Wall" and "... Memorial Day"

New! -- "Life in the Nam"


"They Were So Young"

A Tribute to Ernie and Juan

Barbara Ely Piatt's poignant remembrances of her friends who were lost in the war.


9th Infantry Division - Riverine

Tom Hain writes about his experiences with the Mobile Riverine Force and Army-Navy teamwork in the Delta.


"Jim Singer's Photos from I Corps"

Jim was a Marine who served with 3/4 at Khe Sanh and other delightful spots in the Northern provinces of South Vietnam. His photos of Khe Sanh, Con Thien, Gio Linh, The Rockpile, and several other places will bring back fond and not-so-fond memories of those who served there.


"Swift, Silent, and Deadly"

Gallery of the 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion, USMC, in Vietnam.

This gallery is being built to serve as a harbor site for members of the Battalion. A companion gallery for 1st Reconnaissance Battalion is being planned.


"We Were Friends"

A Vet who made it back in 1972 salutes his friend, Severo James "Sonny" Primm III. Sonny was finally laid to rest in 1996.


"Corpsman Up !!!!"

A Gallery devoted to those angels in green, the U.S. Navy Corpsmen who served with the U.S. Marine Corps in Vietnam.


"Lima Papa - The Poetry of Ben D. Trail"

Donated by his friend, John Moore


"From the Heart"

A gallery devoted to short poems and stories by and about the men and women who served in Vietnam.

Featuring -- "Walking Alone" by Veteran Sootekwa Williams (Comanche); Alan C. Bennett; Hue-Thanh Bergevin; Karen Parker Anderson; Van E. Harl; Rick Ryckman; David M. Macina; Thomas Ward; Del "Abe" Jones; Roger Robicheau;Nancy L. Meek;Heloise B. Riddell; Jonathan Holmes; Kristen Biksacky (Koppers); Stephen Hobbs; Elsa Beattie; Susan Raye White; Shaundel Williams; Rikki Duncan; M.L. Carte; Judy/T. Powell; Dave King; David Noe; Neil Harris; LtCdr Kelly Strong, USCG; Judith Patton Flynn; Catherine Anne McNeill; Valerie; Mike Bridwell; Kelly A. Dobos; Diana Waite; David E. Underhill; Robert Miller; Guy L. Jones; Brian Swan; Emanual Seafont; Rod Walford; Henry L. Alexander; D.L. Williams; Gregory West; Ken Newberry; Robert H. Wilson, Jr.; Charles A. Schneider; Seth E. Sperling; Melinda Hill; Lynda Arneson Dokken; Mike Sumrall; Nancy Moore; Gary McDonough; Andy Stinson; Rachal Cyphers; Lee Basnar; Lynn "Eravette" McMillen-Begley; Kelly Strong; Lori M.E. Gilbertson; Dan Isakson; Brenda Jean Baker; Karon Campbell; Ed Tieman; David Schwind, Deborah Roessler-Jones; Judee Strott; anonymous; Janie Garvey; Debby Peare; Leah Bishop; Jim Carroll; Rick Maddy; Bobbie McLean; Christina Sharik ("ArmyMom"); Ray Waldbrunn; Gary Canant, Jim Baggett; Diana E. Anderson, RN; TSgt. Kurt Melander; Allison (Larkin) Shiding; Douglas Gorski; anonymous; Bernard Austin Gudeahn; E. Jonathan Holmes; Walt Cronin; Skip "Doc" Dempsey; Charles "Chick" Sheehan; Charles "Chuck" Rebhorn; Jeffery L. Turk Sr.; Steven L. Stickley; Andrew Alday; Dave Bruman; Bill Garbett; and Michael Garneau.


"For The Fallen"

Mike Rummel remembers his high school friend PFC Woodrow "Woody" Charles Cronkrite. Woody was killed on 10 September, 1967, at Con Thien.


"Davey and Eddie"

Veteran Richard Sweet's tribute to two of his fallen friends. This gallery also includes two of his poems "Glory Bound" and "Words of Wisdom."


"Poems From Twist"

A gallery of Vietnam-era poetry by Carl Michael "Tiny" Readinger. "Tiny" served in the Marine Corps with the Combined Action Platoon (CAP) program.


"The Walking Man"

Vietnam Veteran Dennis E. Wood's 58,183 mile walk across the U.S. and Canada is described in this beautiful tribute written by Lisa Singh.



Support, kindness, and good wishes during the War and after.


"Nam, Death, and Home"

By Michael "Mikey" Dingwell


"A War Story"

By William Caughey


The Poems and Stories of Edward J. Domaleski Jr.

Ed served as a platoon leader with the U.S. Army in Vietnam during 1967 and 1968.


Citations of U.S. Military Personnel who were awarded the Medal of Honor for actions in Vietnam.

This Page was compiled by Veteran Neil Mishalov and contains all 242 citations.


"The Search Goes On"

A gallery dedicated to the resolute members of the Joint Task Force-Full Accounting (JTF-FA) who comb the battlefields and jungles of Vietnam looking for the remains of our comrades whose bodies were not recovered.


"They Will Not Be Forgotten"

A Memorial Gallery dedicated to stories, photos, and information on POWs/MIAs


"Hau Nghia"

Marc Gilbert and James Wells collaborated on this very interesting look at the war. James's father, Jack, served in Vietnam during the war as a counter-insurgency specialist; and the story is written through Jack's eyes. Marc Gilbert has been a student of counter-insurgency policy since 1966.


"Blue Ghost 23"

If you liked "Chickenhawk," you'll love these stories!

The war as seen through an Army helicopter pilot's eyes. Excerpts from the (unpublished) book, "Talons of Fire," written by Veterans Mike Austin and his collaborator, Don "Deadline" Dunnington.

Be sure to read "Closure: A Vietnam Story" in this Gallery.

Mike Austin's moving and emotional story of his return to Vietnam in search of information on his missing crewmates and the astonishing ending! This story is a fitting tribute to the bravery of the pilots and crewmen who served during those last few months following the U.S. ground troop withdrawal and to the bond and commitment they still share.


"I Remember"

Robert Edison served as a DOD Intelligence Analyst in Vietnam. This gallery contains stories, pictures, and briefing maps (soon) detailing his experiences and observations


"Top's Tent"

Come on into the tent and meet "Top" Bill Shultz. Pull up a footlocker, grab a cold one, and listen to the Top's great poems about Vietnam and his memories of the soldiers he served with.


"Back To Basic"

A work of fiction by Tim Trask.

Tim Trask introduces us to Novicki. Tim served in Vietnam with the U.S. Army between 1966 and 1969.


"Happy Birthday, Useless"

By David C. Perkins

Dave crafted this remembrance of several of his fellow Marines in Vietnam as "fiction based on fact."


"Last Parade for a Green Phantom Turned Grey"

Robert "JungleVet" Baird's Gallery containing his poignant poems "That We Exist" and others. JungleVet also has poems written in tribute to Lewis B. Puller Jr. ("Finally") and to the Nurses in Nam ("She Was There For Us").


"Thirty Years Ago Today" and "Souls"

A story and a poem by Dennis Quinn.

Dennis served in the Marine Corps in Vietnam.


"A Hill called 805"

A Tribute to The Delta Raiders of Vietnam (D Co. 2/501st, 101st Airborne.) by Douglas E. "Manny" Fisher.


"Constant Memories"

Poems by I.S. Parrish.

MSG (Ret) Parrish served with the 69th Sig BN, in and around Saigon 1966-67.


"50 Years--The end of WWII"

Contributions by Bruce Jackson and Jim Compton.

Writings and pictures honoring Veterans of another War.


"The Sound of Whirling Blades - Poems and Reflections"

An illustrated gallery of poems and stories written by James M. Hopkins, 1st and 9th Inf. Divs., RVN, 1969-70.


"XRay, This is XRay Golf. MEDEVAC, Over"

Gene Csuti recalls a message that grunts remember all too well. Gene was a member of Golf Company, 2nd Battalion, 1st Marines.

"The Legend of Marble Mountain"

Gene's second story reveals some of the secrets of Marble Mountain.


"Life Without Love is No Life At All"

Written in R.V.N 1965. A Gallery of poems and stories written by William B. "Willie Woo" Worcester. Willie Woo served in Vietnam during the period 1965 - 1968. He was a Marine Infantryman with C Co, 1st Bn, 3rd Marines.


"Party on The Mountain"

Stories on grunt life in Vietnam by Michael Rodriguez. Michael served with the 2nd Battalion of the 1st Marine Regiment.


"There Are No Empty Hueys"

A Veteran's wife tries to understand her husband's ghosts. By Carolyn Mills.


"Voices From the Past"

Melanie Brown honors her father, SSG Earl Frederick Brown, U.S. Army Special Forces, killed in action 1966.


"Palmer's Poems"

A collection of Palmer Hall's poems about the Vietnam War and the people it affected.


"In-Country Women"

This gallery is for and about the women who served in Vietnam, in military and civilian roles.

Contributors include Robert Baird (U.S. Marine Corps), Cathleen Cordova (Army Special Services), Jean Youngstrom Diebolt (USAF Nurse), Jeanie Hasenbeck (ARC), Ann Kelsey (Army Special Services), Karen Offutt, (U.S. Army), "Top" Shultz, Nancy Smoyer ("Donut Dollie"), and others.


"Dear Troops...."

Lt. Col. Bill Rockey's "Letter of Appreciation" to the Marines and Navymen who served with him in 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines.


"Images of My War"

Ulf R. Heller's outstanding chronicles of his tour in Vietnam are presented here. Ulf mixes a true writing ability with humor and passion. Veterans and non-Vets will relate to many of his experiences.


"The Commo Man"

Vietnam Veteran Pete Childress tells how the war became a personal "hell" for him.


"Facing The Past"

Sally Griffis writes of her visit to The Wall with her two daughters, Mitty and Sarah.


"Comrades In Arms"

A story by Teri Bechard written following her visit to The Moving Wall.



Doug Maston's moving tribute to his friend, Sergeant Earcel Williams, USAF.


"The Shortest Tour"

Vietnam Veteran Mike Meyer recalls the incident that was the turning point of his life as a combat soldier.


Steve Nirk's Vietnam Gallery

A Collection of writings and pictures by Steve Nirk. Steve spent most of his tour with the Army in the Phu Bai area of I Corps.



Stories of Scout Dogs in Vietnam featuring Tom "Dog Handler" Sykes and "Royal," and Herb Mullican Jr's outstanding bibliography on Police and Military Working Dogs.


"The A Shau"

Stories, Maps, and Pictures from some of Vietnam's most infamous terrain.

Contributions by Warren Murray, Mike McCombs, Bill McBride, Robert "C4Bob" Hackney, Dennis Reilly, Dave Demsey, and others.


"Ramblin' Rags"

Stories of life in the 'Nam and the "World" by Stephen "Rags" Ragle. This gallery also contains some related pictures.


"Christmas in Vietnam"

Stories and poems of Christmases spent in Vietnam contributed by Vietnam Veterans and their families and friends.

Originally compiled for Christmas 1994 by Mary Garvey, new features and links were added for Christmas 1996 and will continue to grow as material comes in for each future Holiday Season. Please check back.



Deanna Gail Shlee Hopkins dedicates this Gallery and her work to All Warriors Everywhere ... past, present, and future ... who serve their countries and go to lands where they've never been to fight for the rights and freedoms of people they've never met.

"Thank you all for giving us our wonderful freedoms and the way of life that we enjoy today. To each and every one of you, WELCOME HOME!"

Deanna (aka "ED")


"Two Sons"

Valerie Schumacher's moving tribute to the mothers of two Vietnam Veterans.


"My Brother"

Suzanne Braun remembers her fallen brother.


"The Grunt's Gallery"

Views of Vietnam Past through the eyes of infantryman Joe Conte.



Images of the people, places, and things that were of significance to Veterans. Photos by Brothers Bob and Buddy Hodgkins, and Dennis Reilly.


"The Cakewalk"

Paul Becker, an Infantry lieutenant during the war, recounts an operation near Hue.


"Sonny Reflections"

The Writings of Sonny Hoffman


"The Harbor Site"

Stories, pictures, and memories of SF, LRRP, SOG, Recon, and other Special Operations in Vietnam.

The featured authors in this gallery are Brian Riley and Robert "JungleVet" Baird, of Marine reconnaissance teams; Mike McCombs Sr. of Seattle Washington, a former member of the U.S. Army Special Forces; David Regenthal, a former LRRP; and John "Bad-Eye" Martin, who served with the U.S. Army Special Forces and Project Delta.



The songs of Mary Garvey.


"In Memory of Bill Koho"

Bill Koho was a Marine from Bend, Oregon. He was killed on March 14, 1967.

This Gallery is in Tribute to Bill from his brother, Dennis Koho.


"The Chain Locker"

Vietnam essays and images with a nautical twist by Rev. R. C. "Louie" Lewis, John Paul Rossie, Ray Bruder, and Bill Wells.

Along with the United States Navy, the United States Coast Guard WAS in Vietnam. This Gallery also provides a link about the relatively unknown Mobile Riverine Forces in Nam and other Naval activities.


"V-man's Woods"

A collection of stories by Michael "V-man" Viehman.


"Claymore Alley"

Jeff Drake recalls his first combat experience in Vietnam.

Jeff's very well written analysis of "How the U.S Got Involved In Vietnam" lays it out in black and white.


"Fire In the Hole"

Experiences of EOD, Seabees, and Combat Engineers in Vietnam, featuring Vietnam Veterans Robert "C4Bob" Hackney Sr., Eleazar Paredes, and Michael Howard.


"The Landing Zone"

Tall tales and truisms by chopper pilots and their crewmen.

Featured are pilots extraordinaire Jim "Polecat" Schueckler and Mike "Blue-Ghost-23" Austin.


"Occifers and occifers"

Monte Olsen's observations on leadership within the units he served with in Vietnam.


"The Other War"

Fighting the rats, roaches, leeches, and other critters.


"The Flight Line"

Fixed wing pilots and crews tell their stories. Featuring Captain Jack Williams, USAF, and the wit and wisdom of Lee Dixon.