"Remembrances of Khe Sanh"

"The Siege of Khe Sanh"

By Earl Clark

Earl Clark was with Alpha Co. 1stBn, 26thMar during the siege of Khe Sanh. These are the photos before, during, and after the siege.

"Remembrances of Khe Sanh"

By Jim Wodecki,
USMC, FLC, FLSG-A, Khe Sanh 66-67

In addition to Jim's photos, there are some photos by 101st Airborne Helicopter pilot, "Rusty Wings," included here.

Also linked from Jim's Gallery are the following:

"Memories of the Khe Sanh Hill Battles"

By Lieutenant Jim Epps and provided by Jim Wodecki.

"Cliff Treese at Khe Sanh"

Chilling text and wonderful images. Jim Wodecki also sent this material to us.