The "Music" that got us Home

It is said that war is 99 percent boredom and 1 percent terror. One of the things that helped many of us survive the boredom was the music. Whether listening to the selections broadcast by the AFN DJ's, taking in one of the shows that visited SouthEast Asia or listening to music at the local service club, the music was always there. And sometimes, it even brought us a little bit closer to home.....

The music selections in this Gallery are listed on "The Play List" Page. They are available to download as MIDI files and may be some of the same titles you heard in country. MIDI files are instrumental in nature only, so the pieces are not by the original artists.

These files can be downloaded and played in the MIDI Player plug-ins in Netscape or other major browsers, MIDI Sequencer Programs or the Windows Media Player. All that is required to play the music is a MIDI Player (software package) and sound card (preferably a wavetable type) hooked up to speakers or a sound system.

If you don't have a MIDI Player, a free download of Crescendo software is available at the top of "The Play List" Page. If you're not sure if you can play MIDI files, simply go to "The Play List," click on your selection, and give a listen.

The "Copyright Info and Credits" Page is accessed from the bottom of "The Play List."

To access the selections, please scroll down and click on "The Play List" icon located below. We hope you enjoy the offerings.

And Now....

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