The Diary and Other Writings of 1C9H

(One Charlie Niner Hotel)

I served in the Nam from '68-'69.

Page 3

Was told to watch amount of info in letters as some ops are classified.

Not supposed to keep diaries but will add to this as time and circumstances warrant.

Country here is beautiful and people really neat.

Page 6

Getting a little tired of drizzle and fog.

One minute it's clear and the next you can't see the end of the tube.

Gunship got a sniper that has been bugging us.

Don't guess you ever get used to Charlie's 3 am "wake up" calls.

Just learn to roll over and sleep with one ear open.

Page 10

Been at this site almost 4 wks now.

Have started to find food and flowers on the fender some times.

She smiled at me yesterday, and I almost fell off the hull.

Taking a lot of flack from the crew because of her.

Guess I need to introduce myself to her and her family.

God she's pretty.

Wouldn't my old man crap if I brought her home.

Page 13

Buried her 3 days ago.

What the f... are we doing here if we can't even save one girl and her village.

This G.. D... mess doesn't make any sense.

I hope and pray I can find a way to repay those bastards for taking away something so kind and gentle and beautiful.

Page 38

Ambush last night

Got 4

Total now 30

Feel like I'm starting to even the score.

Hope she knows.

Page 41


Support of RVN strike force.

Lt says we're going to surprise charlie.

Lt's an ignorant as.hole.

Charlie knew we were coming before we knew we were going.

This idiot's going to get some or all of us killed.

Page 42

On station

Lt called squad leaders and said pull back into the tree line.

Said we were too exposed.

Some of us put up an argument and told to "shutup and soldier."

Got a real bad feeling about this one.

Some of the guys writing "last" letter home.

Page 45

Hard to see and think.

Screaming headache.

On "dustoff" with "B" headed out.

"B" hit bad in chest.

Fill in details later gotta help "B" he looks.....

"B's" gone

God I hate this place.

Page 52

Ambush 19

Finally got out again

Really made up for all the sitting.

Got three this time.

Total now 34 !!!!

Will try for 16 more.

Page 55

Nov 69


11 mos, 13 days, 3 hrs
Going back to the world.

Hate this place and the people but feel like I am leaving "home" for good.

Looks quiet & peaceful from up here.

FTA and the Nam

"I Came Home Today"

I came home today.
The infant who slept so peacefully...
stayed behind.

I came home today.
The child who laughed as he played in the sun...
stayed behind.

I came home today.
The little boy with the wind in his hair...
stayed behind.

I came home today.
The young man with tender thoughts of his lady...
stayed behind.

I came home today.


"This is a piece that I wrote a couple of years back, after I was finally able to stand in front of The Wall for the first time."


We were young, strong and foolhearty.
We were men of steel who rode iron horses.

But steel and iron rust away.

Soon we shall all fade, as did the life we led.

And we shall return to the dust from whence we came,
leaving only a fleeting memory and a name upon a wall.



One Charlie Niner Hotel (1C9H)

I watched, helplessly, as a beautiful land was torn by war.
I raised my angry eyes and voice toward Heaven and shouted,
"Why God?"

But no answer came.

I watched, helplessly, as my friends were shatter by war.
I raised my angry eyes and voice toward Heaven and shouted,
"Why God?"

But no answer came.

I watched, helplessly, as she died in my arms.
I raised my angry eyes and voice toward Heaven and shouted,
"Why God?"

But no answer came.

I stood before a silent, black wall.
I raised my angry eyes and voice toward Heaven and shouted,
"Why God?"

But no answer came.

I felt a slight tug on my sleeve and looked down into the shiny eyes of a small child. He asked, "Were you a soldier, Mister?"

With a tiny finger, he pointed and said, "My grandpa was a soldier and a hero. Did you know my grandpa, Mister?"

I took his small hand in mine; and with a sweeping gesture I said, "Yes, Boy. I knew your grandpa; I knew them all. They were all heroes. Would you like me to tell you about them?"

My answer came.



I see the faces in my dreams,
but cannot remember the names.

I see the names upon a wall,
but cannot remember the faces.

I see the map,
but cannot remember the places.

Has time robbed me of my memories,
or spared me from the horrors of them.


It matters not whether my birth was a time of celebration.

I ask no praises for my accomplishments.

I ask not for tears at my passing.

I ask only the knowledge that my time on earth served a purpose.


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