Barry L. "Bama" Herron

I served with the 4th Inf. Div., B Co., 4th Combat Engineers from 1968-1969. Base camp was Pleiku. I was also at Oasis, Fire Base Mary Lou, Ban Me Thuot, V C Valley and many other places in North Vietnam that I did not know where I was at the time.

I'm trying to locate a guy by the last name of Sawyer and also locate Sgt. Almose, Sgt. Booker, and David Rice, who are in the photos.

I'm from Alabama, so my nickname was "Bama." I was a red-headed, freckle-faced kid. I'd like to locate anyone who may have served with me.

Barry L. "Bama" Herron

Photo top left:
From left to right -- David Rice, Sawyer, Sgt. Almose, Prittcet

Photo top right:
Myself -- Barry Herron, nickname "Bama"

Next photo -- group shot:
2nd from left, nickname "Fish"?; 4th from left, David Rice; 6th from left, myself. This was taken at Christmas time over VC Valley.

Bottom photo:
I cannot remember the names of these guys; but, maybe they or someone will recognize someone and reply.

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