The Harbor Site

This section contains stories, essays, pictures, maps, and other material related to U.S. Army Special Forces, SOG (Special Operations Group), Marine Corps Reconnaissance Units, Navy SEAL, and other small unit, independent action forces that operated in Vietnam.

A harbor site is an area, usually in very thick vegetation where a patrol or team harbors during the night. The basic idea is to find a spot which is off the beaten track, and which will provide cover and concealment to the team. An ideal harbor site is located in such inaccessible terrain that anyone approaching the site will usually make a lot of noise well before reaching the site, giving the team ample time to leave or to react.

To Weet-Jarai - the best friend and translator a man could have.
I dedicate this gallery - Mike McCombs

Good Times With Bad-Eye

The Adventures of John "Bad-Eye" Martin with an intro by Sonny Hoffman. Bad-Eye is well-known within the Special Operations community. In this story, Bad-Eye describes the abilities of the NVA/VC to use SIGINT (Signals Intelligence) against his team.

JungleVet's Diary

Robert "JungleVet" Baird's diary of his tour in country. JungleVet was a member of the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion, 1st Marine Division.

"In the Beginning" Part 1 of JungleVet's diary. Robert "JungleVet" Baird spent 13 months in countryall with 1st Recon. He wrote one page in his diary every day of his tour.

"Roving Patrol - Thuong Duc Ridge"

"Observation Post Ba Na" Lookout duty in a former French resort.

"Charlie Ridge" Join in on a reconnaissance patrol in the boots of Robert "JungleVet" Baird.

On Patrol

A series of short stories and recollections by Brian Riley, who served as a Marine lieutenant with the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion in Vietnam. He can be reached via the Internet email or at his home page.

"Cat Walk" A story based on two actual events

"Hot Potato" One lucky-assed NVA

"Too Many Ski's" Field-expedient name calling

"A Few of My Rocks" A Tribute to the SNCO's and NCO's that are the backbone of the Corps.


Mike McCombs served in the U.S. Army Special Forces in Vietnam.

"The A Shau" A story of operations in the A Shau Valley.

"Flashlights" A close call during Special Forces operations in Vietnam.

A list of Special Forces Jargon used in Mike McComb's stories.

The Vietnam Veterans Newsletter "NamVet" featured Mike McCombs as the guest author. Read more from this prolific Veteran. This is a large document, but well worth the download time

Dave Regenthal

Dave served with the US Army with a Long Range Reconnaisance Patrol (LRRP) team in Viet Nam.

January 24th, 1969 David Regenthal takes us on patrol with LRRP Team 22 (Heavy).
This story is dedicated to the members of Team 22 and to Pinky

Meet Me at The Wall is David's tribute to his fallen comrades, and in particular, Duane Alfred De Vega.