by Dennis Quinn

Slowly descending, into the bowels of the Beast;
The circling plane, finishes its long flight to the East.

The night, alit an eerie glow;
The chuted flares, drift down ever so slow.

Like the Souls aboard the flight;
Each emitting their own light.

Dropping into the darkness of uncertainty;
It's a journey, one way into eternity.

Every flame extinguished, according to its fate;
Snuffed by the vial of hate.

For each, will come the hour;
When Death's insatiable hunger will devour.

Swallowed whole, into the pits of Hell;
For the captive spirits, all is not well.

Reality, becomes a nightmare;
An eternal emotional snare.

What was once real, is real no more;
The experience of War is too much to endure.

The laws of reality cease to exist;
In this realm of the Dark Abyss.

Further and further into its bellows, one falls;
Looking for the ending, but there are no walls...

Copyright © 1994 by Dennis Quinn
All Rights Reserved