9th Infantry Division - Riverine

by Tom Hain

The Mobile Riverine Force

In-Country Training

The Boats

 The Western AO

 Leeches, Mekong Delta

Widow's Village

Red Ants

Rattle, Are You Working?

Unconventional Landing

Basic Load

Back In The World

Thank You, Polaroid

I reported for the draft on Oct. 12,1967 in Des Plaines, Illinois. I took basic training at Fort Lenard Wood and infantry training at Fort Polk. I was a grunt in the 9th Infantry from April 8, 1968, to May 18, 1969. I was part of the Mobile Riverine Force that worked in the Mekong Delta area south of Saigon. It was a joint Army/Navy operation.

I departed from and returned to Oakland Army Terminal. I was a sergeant when I was discharged on May 18,1969.

It was a very different experience than most of the Vietnam vets that I've met or read about. I think others might like to know about an inter-service unit that worked.

Thomas J. Hain


Tom may be reached at: Haveco1@ameritech.net

Member of the Mobile Riverine Force Association