This gallery contains letters written to and from Vietnam Veterans and their families and friends.

Tim "t-bomb" Driscoll's "There Really is a War"

A Marine's thoughts and feelings on the beginnings of his tour in Vietnam.

Gary Canant's "Dear Maxie"

"This is not a tale of anything heroic or grand. It is a story of survival, boredom, fear, loneliness, hope, and personal triumph.... It was about being in a strange place, halfway around the world.... It was a time for staying alive instead of dying...."

Stanley Homiski's "A Letter To My Wife"

The worst day ever lived by a 25th Infantry Div. RTO.

Paul O'Connell's "Letters Home"

A "grunt's" thoughts of war then and "looking back" now.

Larry Jackson's "Last Letter Home"

Contributed by his brother, Mark Jackson.

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