Dear Mom and Dad,

Getting short, Mom, coming home pretty soon. Going to quit flying soon, too much for me now. I went in front of a board for sp/5 will know soon if i made it. I have now 20 oak leaf clusters and some more paper for you. I have flown 1500 hours now, and in those hours I could tell you a lifetime story. I have been put in for a medal again, but this time I have seen far beyond of what ever you will see. That is why I'm going to quit flying. I dream of Valerie's hand touching mine telling me to come home; but I wake up, and it's some sergeant telling me I have to fly. Today I am 21, far away but coming home older.


I'm sad to say, Larry died within 24 hours after this letter was written; and by that time, it really was his 21st birthday in the States. Parts of my song titled "Not Gonna Make It" came from this letter.

Larry was in the 129th AHC, Dec. '68 til Sept. '69; and I would like to hear from anybody from the 129th. You can contact me at my E-mail address below.

Mark Jackson

Mark can be reached at: fourfour44@msn.com

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