Timothy M. Youngblood--My Story

My name is Timothy M. Youngblood and I was in Vietnam from 19681969. I was with 101st. Airborne 2/501st Inf. "C" (Charlie) company 3rd. Platoon.

I would like to dedicate this site to all those in 2/501st. Inf. 101st. Airborne "C" Company and especially to those who gave it all and a big sharp salute to them.

I'm going on 67 years old now, ( March 2016 ) and I would like to preserve these memories in a way that would be meaningful for others so that these memories will not die with me. There is much more however I can only recall them in part and I want to maintain accuracy.

Visit my web site by clicking on this This Link to read my remembrances and view the photos.