Last Parade For a Green Phantom Turned Grey

The Poems of Robert "JungleVet" Baird

JungleVet's writings cover a large gamut and are placed throughout the "Vietnam Veterans Home Page" in two main sections and several Galleries. Therefore, two "Back" links have been placed at the end of some material so that you can find your way back easily to JV's original source off of "Remembrance." You can also access further work in "Harbor Site" off of "Charlie Ridge" below and view the "In-Country" Women's Gallery after reading "She Was There For Us." You can also access Lew Puller's Gallery from "Finally," but don't forget to come back.

"Mortal, Like Me"

"Three Years of Dying"

"That We Exist"

"That Tour of Mine"

"Round-eyed Lady"

"Sniper's Regret and Sniper's Serenity"

"It's Endless"

"The Struggle"


"She Was There For Us"

"Charlie Ridge" Join JungleVet on a reconnaissance patrol in the mountains west of Danang