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Short poems and stories by Veterans who served in Vietnam, or by their families or friends.

"The Greens of Vietnam" by Tam D Grey

"Semper Fi, and Hero" by USMC Veteran Robert H. Waldruff

"Walking Alone" by Veteran Sootekwa Williams (Comanche)

"Welcome to a New Reality (Combat)" By Veteran Alan C. Bennett

"The Wall", "POW's", and "Soldier's Girl" by Jennifer McDonald

"Intoxication" By Hue-Thanh Bergevin

"You are in the Shadow" By Karen Parker Anderson

"We Buried Another Vet Today" By Veteran Van E. Harl

"Within This Wall" the author is unknown

"I Dreamed a Dream in Vietnam" and "My Heroes Danced with Life" by Rick Ryckman

"Remember" by David M. Macina

"Thoughts of an Old Soldier" by SFC Thomas E. Ward USAR RET (66-67)

"Veterans Day 2002" by Del "Abe" Jones

"We Stood For Freedom" and "A Thankful Thanksgiving" by Roger Robicheau

"Reflections in Granite" and "Determined Vets" by Nancy L. Meek

"Son of America" by Heloise B. Riddell

Into the Nam by Jonathan Holmes

"Thank You" by Kristen (Biksacky) Koppers

"Ode To Soldiers Young and Old" by Stephen Hobbs

"Remembrance" by Elsa Beattie

"A Vietnam Vet at The Wall" and ""He Was a Vietnam Vet" by Susan Raye White

"A Soldier's Pledge" by Lynn Hughes

"Bob" by Lt. William P. Brandt, Forward Observer, Vietnam

"The Wounded Are The Lucky" by Rikki Duncan

"I Can't Come Home" by M.L.Carte

"Perspective of the Vietnam Memorial" by Judy/T. Powell

"Daymare" by Dave King

"I Still Care" by David Noe

"REQUIEM" by Neil Harris

"Freedom is not Free" and "The Wall" by Kelly Strong

"Visit Remembered" by Judith Patton Flynn

"The Wall" by Catherine Anne McNeill

"The Power of A Name" by Valerie

"River of Tears" by Vietnam Veteran Mike Bridwell

"The Wall" by Kelly A. Dobos

"Images of Freedom" by Diana Waite

"I Came To The Vietnam Wall" by David E. Underhill

"Nam-Mare" by Vietnam Veteran Robert Miller

"A Tear For Those Who Gave Their All" and other poems by Guy L. Jones

"The Final Call" by Emanual Seafont and Rod Walford

"Last Formation" by MSgt Brian Swan USAF

"In an Asian River" and "Old Soldier of the Streets" by Emanual Seafont

"One Hour Before the Dawn" and "The Flag" by Rod Walford

"Remembering a Friend From the Class of '67" by Henry L. Alexander

"The Forgotten Hero" by D.L. Williams

"Green on Green" by Gregory West

"Drawing Pictures With Words" by Ken Newberry

"Vietnam Tattoo" by Robert E. Wilson, Jr.

"Oh, Mother" by Charles A. Schneider

"Vietnam Memorial" by Seth E. Sperling

"Vietnam Remembered" by Melinda (Mindy) Hill

"That Was Hard Enough" and other poems by Lynda Arneson Dokken

"I Wasn't There" by Mike Sumrall

"A Sweet Dream", "Devonia and Steve", "The Crying Wall" and "Teen of the 60s" by Nancy Moore

"The War That Never Ends" by Gary McDonough

"Dedicated to The Infantryman" by Gary McDonough

"Emerald Land of Red Rivers and Flowing Tears" by Andy Stinson

"Father" by Rachal Cyphers

"A Soldier Retires" by Lee Basnar

"Poems" by Lynn "Eravette" McMillen-Begley

"The Wall" by Kelly Strong

"Homecoming Parade" and "Booby Trap" by Dan Isakson

"The Soldier" by Brenda Jean Baker

"Very Special" by Karon Campbell

"The Tomb of the Unknown" by Ed Tieman

"The Debt" by David Schwind

"To the Men of Vietnam" by Deborah Roessler - Jones

"Poems by Judee Strott"

"innocents in the hands of death -- kids" and other poems by anonymous

"Memories of TET from a Philly Girl" by Janie Garvey

"A Soldier's Story" by Debby Peare

"Thirty Years Later" by Leah Bishop

"Reflections on a Wall" by Jim Carroll

"Welcome Home" by Rick Maddy

"The Broken Toy Soldier" by Bobbie Benedict

The Poems of "ArmyMom," Christina Sharik

"Poetry by Ray Waldbrunn"

"Our Lieutenant" by Gary Canant

"Pride and Pain" by Jim Baggett

"The Combat Nurse" by Diana E. Anderson, RN

"Let Freedom Ring" by Kurt Melander

"Unknown Soldier" by Allison (Larkin) Schiding

"Vietnam Brotherhood" by Douglas Gorski

"Some Died" by anonymous

"Like it was Yesterday" by Bernard Austin Gudeahn

"Doorgunner's Prayer" by Bernard Austin Gudeahn

"Into the NAM" by E. Jonathan Holmes

"A Place Beyond The Tears" by Walt Cronin

"The Watch" by Walt Cronin

"The Kid" by Skip "Doc" Dempsey

"The Vet" by Skip "Doc" Dempsey

"Not Far From Can-Tho" by Charles R. "Chick" Sheehan

"What They Mean To Me" by Charles "Chuck" Rebhorn

"The Dreams Are Back" by Jeffery L. Turk Sr.

Two Poems Written at Con Thien by Steven L. Stickley

"It Don't Mean Nuthin" by Andrew Alday

"OK To Cry" by Dave Bruman

"Don't Get Close" by Dave Bruman

"Friend" by Bill Garbett

"Those Eyes" by Michael Garneau

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