Our Lieutenant

I was in Dong Ha, Quang Tri, and LZ Vandergrift (Past the Rock Pile) in '68 and early '69.

Most of the time I worked in a company office. Writing condolence letters was one of my duties.

We survived.

Gary Canant

You can contact Gary at: gcanant@kc.rr.com

Our Lieutenant At the Viet Nam Memorial in Washington "Lieutenant ....... - killed June 15, 1968 Bullet between the eyes. AK-47." That's what it says on the back of one of your pictures. It must be true Because I wrote it a long time ago. I always thought your first name was Lieutenant Until I looked it up in DC one hot, humid day. It was Stephen. I didn't find your name on The Wall that day Because there were too many, And it was too hot, And we didn't have much time, And we would be late for dinner, And we were tired from looking at colleges for my son, And it was humid, And there were just too many. Too many names. But it's there Somewhere. It doesn't really matter that I didn't find your name It does matter that I didn't find mine. "Lieutenant .............. Killed June 15 AK-47 bullet between eyes." "Sergeant Canant Still alive in '95" Thank you, God. Take care of Stephen.

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