This [poem] was written by my son David when he was 12 years old. We had just come home from visiting The Moving Wall in Claremore, OK; and David sat on the couch and said, "Dad, I think I will write something, maybe even a poem."

When he finished and gave it to me to read, I got down to the last two lines of "My Grandfather" and "They are my heroes," and I will admit I was 55 years old and cried like a baby. His words are so strong. He does not feel that only those who came back are heroes; but his grandfather, father, and brother are his heroes.

I have a copy of this poem with four pictures superimposed on it -- my father's, mine, my oldest son's, and my youngest son David. We have had his poem published in The National Library Of Poetry.

Richard Noe
TSgt USAF Ret.
Nam 66-67


Life to me is like our world.

Sometimes there's war between brother and sister,
Mother and Father, country and country.
Some people couldn't give a darn about any war
unless someone they know or themselves was in it,
and sometimes they still don't care.

I don't know anyone from World War I,
but I still care.

My Grandfather was in World War II,
I still care.

I didn't know anyone from the Korean War,
but I still care.

My Father was in the Vietnam War,
I still care.

My Brother was in the Persian Golf War,
I still care.

My Grandfather, Father, and Brother All Came Home,
"Thank God"

They are my heroes!!
and I still care!

By David Noe
Age 12

Copyright © July 27, 1997, By David Noe, All Rights Reserved