The Watch

I wrote this while serving as a Corpsman with a Combined Action Platoon with the Third Marine Amphibious Force in 1970...I remember feeling that it was too anti-our presence there at the time and never sent it into the Stars and Stripes because I was sure they wouldn't print it....

Walt Cronin

Tell me what is it you see, in the dark of the night.... A shadow ? Is it moving ? How I wish it were light... No, it's only a dog but yet could it be ? One cannot trust, what one cannot see... The moon was just out, mere minutes ago, now it is raining, and time goes so slow... A machine gun barks far off to the right, artilley screams long into the night... The sounds they may vary, but for me they are the same.. The music of man's ugliest, most deadliest game.

Copyright © 1996 By Walt Cronin, All Rights Reserved