This is a poem I wrote during the "Conflict." Chick Sheehan


Not far from Can-Tho, a woman gave birth, In a Lambretta That was blown off the road. The woman gave birth to a fetus Delivered by a mine--a command detonated mine-- Not far from Can-Tho. Not far from Phu-Vinh, a medic was shot in the head. A sniper's bullet smashed through the skull of a lad-- Now dead, Not far from Phu-Vinh. He is as dead as the mother and fetus not far from Can-Tho. While people are mourning in Philadelphia, Buddhists are demonstrating against an unpopular election in Saigon. While Peace-niks are demonstrating against an unpopular war in Washington, People are mourning in Phu-Vinh and Can-Tho. How far is Saigon from Philadelphia? How far is Washington from Can-Tho? As far as personal grief can extend itself Over time, distance, And--maybe--politics. CRS, 19 October 1967
Copyright © 1967 Charles R. Sheehan, all rights reserved