Ode To Soldiers Young And Old

                          A Tribute to Vietnam Veterans Worldwide

                                       By: Stephen Hobbs




Old soldiers mourn with saddened face,

                             Upon the coffin, flowers they place.

                             Their voices cracked and silence fell,

                             With memories of their warscape hell.


                             Where in their time they once had fought,

                             They stood there now in silent thought.

                             The blasted earth, the mud, the fear,

                             of long lost friends, of pain, and tears.


                             The patriotic calls they cried,

                             As one by one they fought and died.

                             And home they came, to not one cheer,

                             But to ridicule and shameful sneer.


                             Yet, now as time rolls on so slow,

                             A spark of pride begins to show.   

                             Where once a nation recoiled in shame,

                             They gaze now upon ebony walls of names.


                             So many, scripted upon these walls,

                             Of those who bravely gave their all.

                             Whenever we look upon lonely cross,

                             Or graven stones of men we lost,


We must remember war’s greatest cost.

                             Yet now our young men still press on,


                             To carry out our nation’s will,

                             They march in boldly, bravely, still.

                             Just as those soldiers in the past,

                             ‘Til worldwide peace is gained, at last.

Stephen Hobbs can be reached at medic9972002@yahoo.com