It's a hill of dirt and rock but this land wasn't bought.
It's hard and tuff ground but we're Marines and we're proud.
We'll stay here to work and fight all through the day and night.
Because it's dirt and rock and this land wasn't bought
Even though it's hard and tuff ground because we're Marines and proud.


It's been a long time since I've seen home.
But my tour is almost done it won't be long till I'm home.
This is a land of harsh climate, hot and cold.
This is a land of hungry people young and old.
In this land we do fight and die.
The enemy in more numbers do they die

Copyright © 1996, By Steven L. Stickley
Con Thien Viet Nam
MAY 4 and 5, 1967
Born Sept 28, 1946, Denver, CO.
Married 28 years, one child, one grandchild.
Lives in Texas, works at Texas Instruments.

Ex Marine & Retired Army:
USMC 11/63 TO 11/68, RVN Echo 2/12, ATTACHED 2/9 7/66- 8/67, US Army 7/70
TO 7/85, RVN 6/71 - 2/72, 101st RRC 102d MI BN, Camp Hovey Korea, 163d MI BN
Ft Hood Tx. 201st ASA CO Augsburg FRG, 303d ASA BN Ft Hood Tx, AFSOUTH
Naples Italy, FORSCOM HQ Ft McPherson Ga., USASA SIGSEC DET CRC Korea,

Hobbies: Coin Collecting, Computers, Fishing.