What They Mean To Me Hue "68" By Charles "Chuck" Rebhorn __________________________________ Go to the wall and see their names, Memories of them are so vivid, Why were we Blamed? Leave your Spam, Remember the smiles, The tears fall, Mines, Mortars, Rockets, Bullets, Watched the Brave fall, The screams so loud, Comrades to the end. When I get to where you are, Together again, I salute you. I love you Jar Heads, Semper Fi. I won't be back For awhile to visit you, Someone precious to me Has come into my life, My thoughts of that time I will carry for the rest of my days here, When I laugh or cry, And when I'm scared I think of you. I remember those painful days, See you soon. __________________________________ Charles "Chuck" Rebhorn USMC...Sgt. 0311 Grunt 1/3 Bravo Nam "68-69":

Copyright © 1996 Charles Rebhorn
A little background. Born Philadelphia, PA, 1948. University of Penn. two years, 71-72. Divorced. Nam, '68-'69, 1st Marines, 3rd battlion, Delta Co. 4th Platoon; '69, 2nd Marines, assigned to Infintry regiment, Camp Geiger. Trained boots in M-60 machine gun. Later, part '69-'70, Henderson Hall, Headquarters Marine Corps. H&S Co., the best duty I ever had...showed movies to dependents, good beer drinking days; also tended bar at NCO Club. Had a blast!! :-) The day I got discharged, a Major held the door for me as I walked out of the Company office. Who was that Major?? Yes indeed...Senator Chuck Robb. Chuck Contact Chuck by email at Rkhrd96666@aol.com