I wrote "The Vet" for a Buddy of mine that I haven't seen in years.  I wrote it for him for a "Christmas Present" about 10 years ago. It's dedicated to "Big John" Dimon.

The Vet

The years are rolling by me,
No Children to adore;
Although I am away from Nam;
My mind is still at war.

The flashes in the night time,
The rustling in the Grass;
The Choppers in the distance.
Or that Foo-lish type of Gas.

The screams of little children,
Or the Buddy by my side;
They said "It's for a reason",
But someone back here lied.

For a Man at war needs something,
A Love, a Hope, a Cause;
Something to help remove the guilt,
For the breaking of God's Laws.

THIS Soldier's life is empty,
A broken Man alone;
For the things that WE believed in;
Meant Nothing back at Home.

Back at Home was something,
They Cursed and Called us Names,
And so we went from a life of Death,
To a life of playing games.

It seems though, things are changing,
The Parades are lots of fun;
I think they are saying they are Sorry,
For the Damage that they've done.

The wounds of war heal slowly,
But I think that I can finally say;
That I'm PROUD to be a Nam Vet,
And I'll make it one more day.


Copyright © 1996 by Skip Dempsey, All Rights Reserved