My name is Gregory L. West. My cousin, Rodney David Wilson was killed in Vietnam in July 1969. He was from Topeka Kansas. The reason I am writing is I have read the poetry on the web site and would like one of mine included. I wrote this after talking to a friend of Rodney's, he is a Vietnam Veteran. Please email me at if you will include the enclosed poem.

Green on Green
by Gregory L. West (copyright GL West 1994)

Parents say good-bye to son.
Family, friends; I've got a gun.
Point it there, shoot it straight.
Trigger squeeze, bullet mates.

Green on green touch of red.
Pistol whips the children fed.
Manboy sent to kill the foe.
Who is the enemy? Who should know?

New friends now in silent rage.
Brothers of this jungle cage.
Vision? Dream? Nightmare scene.
You'll never be where he has been.

Sentenced to the walk of death.
Out on point holding breath.
Listen hard for silent sound.
Hear the sweat drop to the ground.

Screaming enters ringing head.
Look around at brothers dead.
Try and stop flowing life.
Too late now, Satan's knife.

Metal skies rain down fire.
Smell of death always tires.
Dirty sweaty life in field.
Burning misery mind never heals.

Ghost dance in dark of night.
Morning day, different fright.
Three six five killing done.
Give them back their death song gun.

Year is gone, seems like five.
Death to friends, why alive?
Memory sounds of jungle rain.
Forever there, forever pain.