The following poem is dedicated to my father, Allen Cyphers, and the special years he lost in this horrible war and to all the families of these men and women who have suffered a loss.



Dear Father,
How could you have ever known
what you would step into
would only bring doom.
Serve your country,
head held high,
you march off never to return.
Once a vibrant young man,
now death has smothered you.
Here I am, the child that you helped to bare.
Why, I scream, can't you be part of me?
I hold so much blame.
I realize then that you can't end the pain.
And I learn to pass on this blame
to the system that robbed you of a happy life.
Instead, so shall you remain.

Rachal Cyphers

Copyright © September 1996 By Rachal Cyphers, All Rights Reserved