During my first visit of the Vietnam Memorial travelng Wall in September of 92 in Vinncennes,Indiana I was deepy touched about my fellow comrades of arms when I was with the First CAV. to whom gave and sacrifice the full measure of their lives for the sake of us the living comrades.

A man is never entirely dead until he's forgotten,and they never will begotten in my heart and soul.

Enclosed is a poem I wrote that very evening after attending the ceremony at Vincennes.

Thank You and God Bless

Charles A. Schneider
Vietnam Veteran

Oh, Mother

Oh, Mother of Mine do not weep,
For thy Son who lies buried at your feet.
There Freedom at thy heavenly gates,
And rest for the lonely Soldier in need of a place.

Oh Mother, for the love of you within my heart.
There shall always be fond memories of you,
that shall never keep us apart.

Charles A. Schneider
September 15, 1992