This one I actually wrote "In the Bush." It is the First one that I can remember writing. It was a BAD F-----G Day, and I am ashamed to say that I don't even remember this Kid's Name. He was a FNG and not with us very long, Yet I can STILL feel the warmth of his Blood on my Hands, like it was yesterday.

The Kid

I hold a body close to me,
And Tears begin to flow;
For the Life that slips away from me
Is a life He'll never know.

A Kid like me with hopes and dreams,
A Girl at Home to wed;
Now someone has to tell this Girl
The Man she Loves is dead.

The Beaded tags, the Body Bag,
The Blood upon his Face;
The only comfort I can give
Is he died with no disgrace.

As the Blood turns into Hours,
and my Heart turns into Stone;
I feel that He's the "Lucky" one,
Cause He's finally going Home.

A Hero he has fallen
in a far off lonely land;
A place that we believed in,
A place called Vietnam.


For Mike Hopkins - Thanks for "Passing The Peace"

Copyright © 1996 by Skip Dempsey, All Rights Reserved