Thank You

You were just men and women
young and old
never fought, never killed
your brother, your friend will not return
you may be one of the lucky ones.
You have been called
your heart accepted.

We sent you away
and you obeyed the command
many of you will not return,
some of you will return with the pain.
No one will walk away,
still you obeyed.

You were lucky,
but your comrade wasn’t
he died in the battle
and his blood ran into our hearts.
His name became a symbol
letter after letter applied with tears.
But he will not return.

A father, a son, a daughter or mother
rests among the white crosses.
We sent you away but you did not return.
You weren’t thanked,
no one will remember your sacrifice.
But I do, and I thank you.

Kristen Biksacky (Koppers)