"innocents in the hands of death --

hush little darlin, do not cry-
daddy will catch us a dragon fly.
if that dragon fly don't come-
daddy will carry you on the run.
if we can't run no more-
daddy will find you a hidey hole.
if that hidey hole is not safe-
daddy will find you another place.

hush little darlin, do not cry-
daddy won't stop until he dies.
someday you will see-
why daddy was here in history.
only because when you cry-
daddy was here to wipe your eye.

a 3-tour vet

copyright © 1998, all rights reserved


we grew up in a land so far away--
we lived our lives from day to day ---
the fears we had in those days---
are still on our minds, for always --
we now hide in all walks of life ---
some in the grave- some in the bush- some in plane sight --
but all in strife----
we gave our lives to end the war---
but we now face the never ending chore---
to live on in the past---
so all can come home at last !!!!!!!!!!!

a 3-tour vet "66-69"
101st airborne --

copyright © 1998, all rights reserved

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