Fire In The Hole

This Gallery is dedicated to Vietnam Veterans who served as Combat Engineers, Seabees, and members of Explosive Ordnance Demolition (EOD) teams.

"When Time Stood Still"

By SP/4 Lawrence Pichulo

Larry describes what life was like for the men of the 815th Engineers. He spent a year on Engineer Hill in Pleiku.

"Eleazar's Album"

Pictures from Vietnam by Eleazar Paredes

Eleazar was a member of the 69th Engineer Battalion at Dong Tam during 1967 and 1968.

Robert A. (C4BOB) Hackney

C4Bob's stories are dedicated to his partner in Nam, Richard Wilson. Richard now resides in Bob's mind and on The Wall.

Click Here for background data on Combat Engineers.

"Generator Watch"

A short story by Michael Howard. Mike was a Seabee during the Vietnam War. He was stationed at Quang Tri Combat Base and saw a lot of the area south of the DMZ during his tour.


The U.S. Naval Mobile Construction Battalion

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