Great News!!! Paul's story "Carl Melcher Goes to Vietnam" is being published and is available on Amazon at this link. For that reason, we have removed parts that were previously published on the Home Page as "The River". Paul says he will replace it with another story in the near future. Congratulations Paul!!!


A little about myself. I was born in '48, drafted in '68, sent to Nam in September of '68, serving in an infantry line company in the 4th Infantry Division, in the Central Highlands, in Pleiku Province. I was wounded after the Post-Tet Offensive of '69, around April '69, operated on in Cam Rahn Bay, medevaced to Japan, then spent about three months in an Army Hospital in Camp Oji.

I was awarded, of course, a purple heart and also an Army Commendation Award with V-device for valor. I have since lost my medals, but I just wrote Army Records in St. Louis to see if maybe I can get them back. I was discharged in April of '70.

After the army, I went to Temple University in Philly, earning a Bachelors in English Literature. I currently live and work in California.

I've moved on in my writing career, and I now have a three book series going concerning the clashes between the Native Americans along the Southeast Coast and the Colonials during the Sixteenth century. My first title, "Calling Crow," is still selling. My second, "Flight Of The Crow," is doing very well; and my third, "Calling Crow Nation," is due out from Berkley Paperbacks in December of this year.

Well, there you have it. Although I'm always writing something, always dreaming about the next book, I still haven't made enough money to quit the day job. But that's okay. I'm happy. I had some tough times in Nam; but there were some good times there, too...times I'll never forget until my dying day, which hopefully won't come 'till I'm well into my old age.

Later, bro.

Paul A. Clayton

Known as "Clay," to my bros in the Nam.

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