My brother and I were 2 1/2 years apart. We grew up, played, drank, and worked side by side for 18 years of our lives. I drove him to the airport the day he left for Nam.

Well, I thought the story ended there; but as the years past, I've found myself always thinking of him and that day he left. So, I started to put my feelings down into words; and, with the conception of the Internet, this mission has turned into a lifelong committment.

Larry flew with the 129th AHC at Lane Army Airfield. His tour started Dec. 23, 1968, until his untimely death in a chopper crash on his 21st birthday-- Sept. 12, 1969, in Vietnam but Sept. 11 in the States. The 11th was his birthday.

Here are my thoughts. They are all songs I wrote, but they work well as poems, also.

I would like to hear from anybody from the 129th. You can contact me at my E-mail address below. I didn't know brothers needed closure, too; but now I can see that.

Mark Jackson

Mark can be reached at:

Editor's note: Mark has also submitted Larry's "Last Letter Home" to the "Letters From Vietnam" Gallery in "Remembrance."