This Gallery is dedicated to letters, thoughts, poems, pictures, and stories by Veterans, those on the homefront, and others who care.

"Coming Home"

By Mike Kelley


By J. Sean Keane

"Letter to a Vet"

By Kim Heikkila

We were at Arlington on November 21, 1994. I didn't get this vet's name, but he had a southern accent of some sort. He was tall, dark haired, wearing jeans, a light-brown leather jacket, and a blue foam baseball cap. He was traveling with another guy, of whom I know nothing. He didn't mention anything more specific than being in the Navy in Viet Nam (and now I'm so very sorry I didn't ask).

You know, I just finished watching "Schwarzkopf in Viet Nam: A Soldier Returns" on the Learning Channel; and he (H. Norman) made a comment on the program about how difficult it was for the people who were in Viet Nam to return home and be attacked by countrymen and how nobody ever thanked them for doing what they did.

That is exactly what my letter is about -- and how I missed the chance to thank this vet, not only for being so friendly and helpful and open, but just for doing what most people did not, regardless of whether, in the larger political picture, it was "right."

Kim Heikkila