Jim Singer's Vietnam Photo Gallery

Jim Singer served in Vietnam with the 3rd Battalion 4th Marine Regiment (3/4) during 1968. These pictures were taken in the I Corps region of South Vietnam. They will eventually be linked to maps of the area. The Map Library has some tactical maps covering these areas.

Click on the photographs to view a full sized version. Some of these are large files.

  1. Con Thien with artillery battery firing
  2. The "new" Gio Linh Looking North into North Vietnam and the Ben Hai river
  3. Khe Sanh Combat Base from the air. May, 1968
  4. The Village of Khe Sanh
  5. A typical view at Khe Sanh during the seige
  6. B-52 "Arclight" as seen from Hill 881S
  7. H-34 Helicopter running a Med Evac
  8. Marble Mountain Air Station (Danang area)
  9. 122 millimeter rocket shrapnel at Quang Tri after rocket attack by the NVA
  10. The city of Quang Tri, looking South
  11. The "Razorback" off of Route 9
  12. The "Rockpile" off of Route 9...East of the Razorback
  13. Defoliating the "Strip" C-123's dropping Agent Orange as seen from Con Thien
  14. F-102 fighter in the revetments at Danang
  15. King's night tower where lookouts were posted to watch for enemies. The Citadel at Hue. (1968)
  16. Water buffalo in the mini-bus. Taken at Hue City