The Sound of Whirling Blades - Poems and Reflections

James M. Hopkins
1st Inf.Div.
RVN, 1969

"Above all I am not concerned with Poetry,
my subject is War, and the pity of War,
the Poetry is in the pity."
Wilfred Owen, KIA, France, 1918

Dedication and Prologue Song
No Nintendo - No Anesthetic Energy at a Distance
Cycle Assault in Primary Colors
* Hover I Hear An Army
* Ambush - Black on Green Night Event
The Thing That Almost Happened Heroes,
* For All Our Brothers Who Fell From the Sky Grace & Veteran's Haiku
The Fire In The Forest Comfort Where We Can
* The Xmas War Dusk
Eschaton Spanish Dancer
Instant Replay...Again October Flights
__________________ __________________
* Second Cycle - Waiting Gothic Machine
Back From Ambush MIA
* Rocket Across Texas * Echo
Older Soldiers Scene
In The Minefield * From The Attic
Coming To Terms * Gathered In
* The Light Brigade Memorials
* The Sound Of Whirling Blades * 4 August...A Reminder
__________________ __________________
Mantra: Antidote
History * Passing The Peace
__________________ __________________
* Anthem * Destroyer Zulu, Go Ahead...
I See You Walking * Waxed In Black

* These poems have inline images.
  The image on this page was processed from a photo of the NC VVets Memorial, taken by Doug Maston.
  - JMH - 26 June '97

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