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Shadows of Saigon - Mark R. Anderson
Blades of Thunder - W. Larry Dandridge
Reagan's 1968 Dress Rehersal: Ike, RFK, and Reagan's Emergence as a World Statesman - Gene Kopelson
Long Daze at Long Binh - A Humorous Memoir - Steve Donovan and Fred Borchardt
Vietnam Memoirs...Part 1 - My Experiences as a Marine Platoon Leader - Don Bonsper
Vietnam Memoirs...Part 2 - My Experiences as an Advisor with The Vietnamese Marine Corps - Don Bonsper
Rice Paddy Recon - A Marine Officer's Second Tour in Vietnam 1968-1970 - Andrew R. Finlayson
Killer Kane - A Marine Long-Range Recon Team Leader in Vietnam 1967-1968 - Andrew R. Finlayson
MI VIDA - Jose N. Harris
Wounded - Richard Gaines Graham
My Life, My Hell This Gruntís Journey Back to the World - Dan R. Vaughn, Jr
Unwanted Dead or Alive! - Robert W. Pelton
Tides - John Janis Strauchs
A Hot Rain - Robert H. Dirr Jr.
Trip Wire - Robert Adams
Eagle Days - Donald W. Griffis
Swift Boat Down, The Real Story of the Sinking of PCF-19 - James W. Steffes
DEROS Never - Thomas LaRoe
Hitchhiking from Vietnam: Seeking the Ox - Richard Chamberlin
Expendable Warriors: Khe Sanh and the Vietnam War - Colonel Bruce B. G. Clarke (Ret.)
Vietnam: No Regrets - J. Richard Watkins
When Life Hands You a Gold Star - Jean Toler
Draftee: A High School Teacher Goes to War - David Volk
Gun-Totiní Chaplain - Jerry Autry
With Love Stan: A Soldier's Letters From Vietnam To The World - Karen Ross Epp
Psychedelic Six - Paul Spock
Your War, My War
Divided We Fall: How Disunity Leads to Defeat
Quadalajara: The Utopia That Once Was
Last Boat Out
West of Hue
Aid And Comfort
Lucky Enough





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