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Reagan's 1968 Dress Rehearsal: Ike, RFK, and Reagan's Emergence as a World Statesman

By Gene Kopelson

This ground-breaking book weaves an exciting, never-before-told story of Ronald Reagan's first quest for the presidency in the late 1960s. Reagan's goal was to prevent a first-ballot Nixon victory, as many delegates couldn't wait to vote for Reagan on the second ballot. Yet Reagan favored the broad political tent of the Republican Party and said he would support whomever was the nominee.

Behind the scenes, Reagan's private political mentor was Dwight Eisenhower, and Reagan's public political foe was Robert Kennedy. Reagan scholar Kopelson's analysis relies on newly uncovered audiotapes from candidate Reagan's days as governor of California, the Eisenhower-Reagan correspondence and files, Ike's post-presidential diary, and interviews with 35 grassroots Reagan activists from 1968.

Many of the major triumphs of Reagan's subsequent tenure as president originated during that first campaign: Tearing down the Berlin Wall; Lessening nuclear weapons; The peaceful defeat of communism; Creating a missile defense shield for America; Bringing freedom to Eastern Europe; And dealing with hostage crises.

During 1968, Reagan emerged as a world statesman and shaped his crusade to restore pride in America. Kopelson further demonstrates why for Reagan, Ike's tutelage was critical. This political mentorship changed America's national priorities through the end of Reagan's presidency, whose effects are still very much with us today.

University of Southern California Figueroa Press, 2016

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See www.genekopelson.com for reviews, articles, interviews, and upcoming book signings and lectures

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Rice Paddy Recon - A Marine Officer's Second Tour in Vietnam 1968-1970

By Andrew Finlayson

Read the Publisher's Flyer . This book was published in 2014 and is available now.

Quadalajara - The Utopia That Once Was

By Jack Tumidajski

Imagine laying paralyzed on the battlefield. Stone cold fear grips you like nothing you've experienced before! Your only thoughts are of survival. Nothing else matters. The questions, "Will I ever walk again?" and "What am I going to do for the rest of my life?" will come to mind sometime later --- if you live long enough!

Prior to World War II, Americans who suffered a spinal cord injury had a life expectancy of one and a half years. After the war, antibiotics and modern medicine combined to keep many fallen heroes alive long enough to actually be discharged from military and veterans' hospitals.

Hollywood movie makers first touched upon these issues in The Men (Marlon Brando, 1950). Others, Coming Home (Jon Voight/Hanoi Jane, 1978) and Born On The 4th Of July (Tom Cruise, 1989), would focus on paralyzed survivors of the Vietnam War.

QUADALAJARA --- The Utopia That Once Was tells the story of a number of brave souls, among them veterans of World War II, Korea, and Vietnam who ventured into uncharted territory, leaving behind family, friends, the safe confines of institutions, and a life expectancy of seven to however many years in search of a second chance at life. They discovered paradise South of the Border in --- Quadalajara.

Follow the author on his journey from Qui Nhon to Quadalajara. Find out whatever happened to The Men!

Hardcover 394 Pages

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A Joni Bour Book Review

Queen's Rook

By Croft Barker

From the Beginning until the end of U.S. involvement in Vietnam, American military advisors played a critical role. During the 1960's and 70's, officers and men of the U.S. Army were assigned to South Vietnamese Infantry companies and platoons. many of these men were lost in a war that is still misunderstood, decades after its conclusion. The events decribed are first hand accounts of the daily adventures of infantry as well as the intelligence advisors who were part of the ultra secret CIA funded Phoenix Program. This is their story, written in their own words. These Americans, and the units they lived with, engaged in savage fights against Viet Cong guerillas and North Vietnamese Army Regulars in the dark, deadly jungles north of Saigon. 177 pages, with 50 never before published photographs.

ISBN: 0971512841

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Quoth The Raven

By Jim Roper

Retired USAF Colonel Jim Roper logged nearly 1000 combat hours in small, unarmed spotter planes. Acting as a Covey Forward Air Controller (FAC), he directed airstrikes on North Vietnamese trucks and guns on the Ho Chi Mihn Trail. Moving into the Steve Canyon Program, he becomes a Raven FAC, wearing civilian clothes and flying unmarked planes in close support of Laotian forces around the capital of Luang Prabang.

His memoir of the secret air war over Laos is mixed with humor and danger as his primary mission becomes one of survival. Quoth the Raven is a no-nonsense memoir of wild missions flown in spotter planes over the Ho Chi Minh Trail in 1970 and in the secret war in Barrel Roll (northern Laos).

ISBN: 1-59129-051-1,

Additional information can be found at Publish America

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The Real Deal

A video in VHS format

This video features poet Marc Levy, a Vietnam veteran who served in 1970 as a fighting medic in the U.S. First Cavalry Division, who reads poetic prose based on his combat and postwar experiences. These gritty, emotionally powerful works, which feature striking verbal imagery, are blended with archival footage, photos, and sound effects from the war as well as contemporary footage. Levy's transformation of his Vietnam War experience into an insightful blend of poetic prose and history will move and enlighten viewers.

Directed by Paul Shoenfield and Harry Kafka
Color, 27 mins., VHS

Phone (212) 685-6242 OR Toll-Free 1 (800) 723-5522


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Recovering From The War

A Guide for All Veterans, Family Members, Friends, and Therapists

By Patience H.C. Mason

Introduction by Robert Mason, author of the bestselling, Vietnam-War memoir, "Chickenhawk"



"Recovering From The War" was first published by Viking Penguin in 1990. We are happy to announce a new, quality-trade, paperback edition.

This classic, self-help book investigates the costs of war for soldiers and their families through interviews with 60 Vietnam Veterans. Learn what Veterans faced, the normal effects of war, how PTSD affects families, and how Vets and their families can get better.

Patience Mason is the wife of Vietnam Veteran Robert Mason (author of the bestselling Vietnam memoir, "Chickenhawk"). Her writing has a unique appeal to Veterans and their family members because she has experienced what they are experiencing, has felt what they feel -- and is recovering from the war.

This is a "must have" book for the spouse/family/friend of every Vietnam Veteran. It puts the war and the effect it had on our Veterans into a plain-language perspective that families and friends can understand. It provides helpful suggestions, advice, and resources for Veterans and families, who are dealing with the effects of PTSD.

To order "Recovering From The War," please make out your check or money order payable to:

Patience Press

For a TOTAL of: $23.45 per book --
($19.95 per copy, plus $3.50 S&H each copy).
Mail your payment to the address below in this ad.
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The Post-Traumatic Gazette newsletter to end with issue No.42

After 7 years of continous publication, the last new issue of this outstanding monthly newsletter The Post-Traumatic Gazette will be Volume 7, Number 6. All 42 back issues of the Gazette are available and will be kept in print. They can be ordered singly, by the year, or as a complete set from:

Patience Mason, Editor
The Post-Traumatic Gazette
P O Box 2757
High Springs, FL 32655
You can contact Patience using this email form.
Or visit her WWW Home Page.

Visit Robert Mason's web site for information on Chickenhawk and other novels about the Vietnam experience.

Reflections Of My Past

By Jack T. Hartzel

Jack quit high school and joined the Marine Corps in February of 1966. He volunteered for Vietnam six months later. In the beginning of his tour in Nam, Jack was with a security unit.

Jack comments, "I was a 'Shitbird' Marine -- bored and always in trouble. Little did I know I was about to be in the real shit when I transferred into Echo 2/9, an infantry company that's Area of Operation was in Northern I-Corps!"

Jack was at "Con Thien (Hill of the Angels)" where the NVA unleased an unmerciful attack of over 1200 rds. of artillery of such ferocity never seen before in Vietnam.

Jack's book is to honor the dead and wounded of Second Battalion, Ninth Marine Regiment.

ISBN: 1-58898-079-0

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Reflection on Vietnam

Guy L. Jones

The poems in this book tell the tale of how a man has tried to cope with PTSD in his everyday life. These poems where written so that the reader can understand the pain that is carry in ones life. The reader can understand the visions of war that are a part of man's everyday life.

War often tears at the soul of a man and his mind. If he is lucky to escape the bullets he cannot escape the memories that come flooding back in his daily life. My poems are filled with raw emotions that can carry the reader along as they read each and every line in these pages. The sights and sounds of war and death can live on in a person's soul which what I hope the reader can feel as they read each and every poem.

Guy served with Co A & HQ, 43d Signal Battalion, 22d Signal Group, 1st Signal Brigade Pleiku, Vietnam (MAC V compound)

Also available in electronic form

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Rejoice or Cry

By John R. Rhodes

In 1967, Pvt. John R. Rhodes was a Marine serving with 3rd Recon Battalion in Vietnam. In this memoir, he documents through his personal diary, the story of one individual's tour of duty. Rhodes's vivid description of what it was like to be part of the Marine Corps Elite is an engrossing portrait.

ISBN: 0-9655655-0-5

Price: $10.00 Total each -- ($7.95 per copy, plus $2.05 S&H)

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Reluctant Warrior

By Michael C. Hodgins

A Marine's true story of duty and heroism in Vietnam.

ISBN: 0449910598

COST: $24.00

Resources for Teaching the Vietnam War:
An Annotated Guide

By Ann L. Kelsey,
With the assistance of Anthony O. Edmonds

ISBN: 0-945919-17-4

PRICE: $13.15 Total each ($11.95 per copy, plus $1.20 S&H)


Center for Social Studies Education
901 Old Hickory Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15243

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Rice And Cotton: South Vietnam And South Alabama

By John B. Givhan

The never-to-be-regained "innocence lost" by America's youth during the Vietnam War lies strewn across America's landscape in the form of shattered live and minds. We were sent there by U.S. government officials who played recklessly with our young lives; however, we did not know to what extent at the time. Maybe we still don't. But, we do know that for them, politics came first, and our welfare - our very lives - came second. We also know that very little was reported about that war during the period November 22, 1963, to August 5, 1964.

John B. Givhan was there during that time, and he details early helicopter assault missions flown by courageous U.S. Army helicopter pilots, crew chiefs and gunners. RICE AND COTTON is also about April 12, 1964, in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam, a day that is and will be forever etched in the minds and souls of the men of the 120th Aviation Company, the "Deans", when valor and devotion to duty reigned supreme.

John B. Givhan is a soldier, rancher and lawyer. He was awarded the Purple Heart, the Bronze Star, the Air Medal with Nine Oak Leaf Clusters and the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal for his helicopter pilot combat service in the Vietnam War.

ISBN: 0738820911

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The Road from Here to Where You Stay

By Thomas T. Kemp

Vietnam is a conflict that will not go away. The history of that country has become very much interwined with America's history during the sixties. Thomas Kemp had been handpicked to share confidences that would determine the course of American history for years to come. His special status gave him special responsibiities and a special danger.

It became one of Thomas Kemp's duties to train a core of individuals in South Vietnam who were to kill communists across the border to the north. Kemp was not aware that the target of the elite killers would shift. He did not know then, that the mission would be, ultimately, to assasinate the president of the United States, John F. Kennedy. Even though he had heard the rumors, it was difficult for Kemp to accept the involvement of his trained killers in the assassination of the president. Even if the killers were able to carry off such a mission, who could have had the power to order it? Who could pull off the perfect murder of the century?

Fair-haired Kemp was the golden boy who had privy to the ear of President Johnson. In private, the new president commisioned "code name" Thomas Thomas to find and to kill the individuals who had murdered Kennedy. Even as Thomas Kemp was using his connections to find the murderers, J.Edgar Hoover was urging Johnson to support the "Warren Commission's Report" - a report based on false evidence. After the report is made public, Johnson becomes immersed in Vietnam. Johnson himself orders Thomas Thomas to halt his private investigation. But by then it was too late.

The novel can be received in the form of E-Mail ($10.00), floppy disk ($11.00), or printed copy ($25.00).
All prices include shipping and handling anywhere in the Unites States.

ISBN: 1-4107-4841-3


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A Saigon Party: And Other Vietnam War Short Stories

By Diana J. Dell

In 1970, two years after her brother Kenny (49th Scout Dog Platoon, 199th LIB) was killed in the Mekong Delta, Diana Dell went to Vietnam as a civilian with USO. For the first six months, she was a program director at the USO Aloha Club at 22nd Replacement Battalion in Cam Ranh Bay, then this humanitarian organization's in-country director of public relations, and also the host of a daily radio show, "USO Showtime," on American Forces Vietnam Network (AFVN), the military station in Saigon.

As an eyewitness to the most significant event of the coming-of-age Baby Boom Generation, she claims that she will be telling war stories until her final moment on this earth. However, Diana's tales--some exaggerated, many true--are not about battles, blood, gore, or angst. They are about participants of the war other than grunts: CIA agents, bar girls, war profiteers, missionaries, donut dollies, strippers, civilian contractors, pilots, cooks, telephone operators, disc jockeys, rock stars, landladies, pedicab drivers, Buddhist monks, pickpockets, prostitutes, prisoners, beggars, nightclub owners, Montagnard tribesmen, foreign correspondents, ambassadors, doctors, humanitarians, celebrity tourists, and other REMFs, civilian as well as military.

Irreverent, creative, original, satirical, witty, intelligent, and insightful are a few of the words used to describe A Saigon Party: And Other Vietnam War Short Stories.

ISBN: 1893652904

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Sailors to the End

by Gregory A. Freeman

On July 29, 1967, tragedy struck one of the mightiest aircraft carriers in the U.S. fleet, the USS Forrestal.

Filled with never-before-disclosed information, this riveting, meticulously documented book pieces together the events of the tragedy -- correcting the official U.S. view. For 35 years, the government has allowed the Forrestal crew to carry an undeserved share of the blame for the tragedy, never acknowledging that it sent the carrier faulty bombs that exploded before the crew even had a chance to contain the initial fire.

Told through the stories of a dozen of the ship's sailors, including its former captain, it follows the Forrestal from its home in Norfolk, Virginia, to the fateful fire and its aftermath. Written with the intensity and excitement of a thriller, here is the first full minute-by-minute account of the disaster.

The book will be released in July 2002, the 35th anniversary of the fire.

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Seawolf 28

By Al Billings

Seawolf 28 is an exciting action filled story about one of the most decorated naval aviators of the Vietnam era. It brings the reader a dramatic account of the twenty-two year career of a Navy helicopter pilot. By the end of the Vietnam War “Hollywood Al” was a four tour veteran with well over 600 missions and the recipient of forty medals and citations, including the Silver Star and Distinguished Flying Cross. This true story spans the gamut from a young cadet full of exuberance with high ideals, nine engine failures, dozens of life threatening incidents and hair raising combat stories, to his biggest battles challenging senior officers to do what was right, at the risk of his own career. Throughout his flying career he qualified in over 20 different aircraft and rose from the enlisted ranks to squadron Commanding Officer of the oldest combat rescue squadron in the Navy.

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The Secret Vietnam War--
The United States Air Force in Thailand, 1961-1975

By Jeff Glasser



Jeff's well-done Home Page has details about his book, plus maps and images of original and exceptional quality:


You can email Jeff at: jbigfoot@ee.net.

A SENSE OF DUTY: My Father, My American Journey

by Quang X. Pham

In the tradition of bestselling books such as "Angela's Ashes" and "Flags of Our Fathers,"
Quang X. Pham explores the inner conflicts of a young man caught in the often contradictory forces
of loyalty to a new country, duty to family, truth, and trust, in the aftermath of Americas most divisive war.

The father was a VNAF A-1 Skyraider pilot,
graduated from the Air Commando Course, and flew various aircraft
over his 21-year career. The son flew USMC CH-46 in the Gulf War.

"Quang X. Pham has written a superb account of the remarkable journey he and his family experienced.
As someone who lived and fought with the South Vietnamese forces and witnessed Quangs outstanding service
in the U.S. Marine Corps, it was an exceptionally moving read.
Every American should read this wonderful story
to better appreciate the freedoms we enjoy." -General Anthony C. Zinni, USMC (Retired)

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Shadows of Saigon

by Mark R. Anderson

Shadows of Saigon is the story of Grady Cordeaux, a 68-year-old loner, Louisiana farmer and Vietnam veteran, who suffers a heart attack.

Under heavy sedation he relives his senior year in high school (1970), his first girlfriend, and the incidents that forced him into the Army. He relives the trauma, combat, and anxiety he suffered in Vietnam. Most importantly, he relives the love between him and Tien, the daughter of the most prominent businessmen in Southeast Asia. They shared the deepest love, marriage, and a son at the cost of losing her family. In a final attempt to reconcile with her parents they go to her family’s restaurant, when a VC bomb explodes.

In a strange twist of fate, a Dr. Wellington, of Vietnamese ancestry, sees the photograph of Tien on Grady’s nightstand in the hospital. Wellington challenges Grady about the photo.

Can Dr. Wellington help Grady finally let go of the Shadows of Saigon?

Pub Date: June 15, 2021
ISBN13: 978-1-938462-52-8 (paperback)
ISBN13: 978-1-938462-53-5 (eBook)

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A Shadowy Passage Part II, Cambodia: The Subversion

by Dr. Paul L. Baker

The author served as the Navy’s Cambodian Analyst in Saigon from May 1969 to May 1970. During his tour of duty, the US established diplomatic relations with Cambodia, Ho Chi Minh died, Prince Norodom Sihanouk was overthrown and the US Army invaded the Cambodian border areas leading to the Kent State massacre. The events of this novel are based on the author’s reflection of his experience in Vietnam.

Because of a shortage of Naval Intelligence officers during the Vietnam War, in 1969 an ordinary line officer is assigned as the Cambodian Analyst to the Commander of US Naval Forces in Vietnam (Admiral Zumwalt). Responsible for targeting Naval agent networks into Cambodia, LT Becker is caught in rivalries between various US intelligence agencies. He is soon disillusioned to discover that he can trust the head of North Vietnamese Intelligence more than the CIA. Circumstances of war thrust the junior officer onto the high-level diplomatic stage where he is torn between the expectations of US diplomats, the intrigue of Cambodian officials, his respect for Cambodian Prince Norodom Sihanouk and his sense of morality. Rogue US spies who resort to blackmail and murder complicate the lieutenant’s struggle to thwart a coup attempt engineered by the CIA in this work of autobiographical fiction.

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by Edward Vick

It is Christmas in Vietnam, 1968. Terrible heat and wilting humidity mark just another day.

At a desolate base camp in the northwest corner of the Mekong Delta, near the Cambodian border, a helicopter touches down and a stout little Hispanic man dressed coolly in khaki trousers and white shirt steps onto the ground. The military and political credentials of Mr.Mendez will prove to be unclear, which means he is CIA. Big shots rarely visit the camp at Tra Cu. It is home base for operations of all sorts, from conventional to far from it. From Tra Cu’s barbed wire perimeter one can mount just about any kind of overt or covert mission. Mix or match an Army Special Forces “A” Team, a Navy SEAL detachment, South Vietnamese Army Rangers, mercenaries from Cambodia and even Laos, and patrol boats and crews of the Navy’s River Patrol Force.

Mr. Mendez needs a boat—a patrol boat and crew to run him up a narrow river, deep into territory held by the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong. Their objective will be to buy the freedom of a downed American pilot, held by a gang of Viet Cong guerillas. In a setting amazingly similar to that of the renowned film “Apocalypse Now”, this mission begins.

ISBN: 1401074723

Snake Pilot: Flying the Cobra Attack Helicopter in Vietnam

By Randy R. Zahn

This is a personal account; with all of the personal feelings and interactions that one is expected to have in combat. He has not blown his personal, the troop's, nor the 9th Cav's exploits out-of-proportion, and has tried his best to describe the unit as it was.... a great Troop in the highly recognized 9th Cavalry, "doing it all like it was supposed to be done" in Nam. As such, the good and the not so good are both reported as fairly as any human being in combat can.

Zahn is currently a chief pilot for Era Helicopters in Anchorage, Alaska. He recounts his tour of duty in Vietnam, from 1970-71, as a pilot of an AH-1 Cobra ("Snake") - the first helicopter designed for an attack role in combat. From his memory and an entire set of audio cassettes and letters he had sent home from basic combat training, flight school, and Vietnam, Zahn is able to create a detailed and sensitive memoir capturing the range of emotions present in combat situations.

ISBN: 1574885650

Publisher's Web Site

The Soldier Factory: A Window

by Ed Salven

When Ed Salven returned after thirty years to Fort Ord, where he was stationed in the late 1960s, he found a ghost town. The once bustling Sixth Army Infantry Processing Center in northern California sat in silent decay, and he was overwhelmed by recollections of his time there as a young draftee. Those memories became the basis for The Soldier Factory, a moving collection of meditations on being a part of the U.S. military machine at the height of the Vietnam War and on the essential questions Salven and his fellow soldiers confronted dealing with violence, authority, self-worth, honor, loss, and love.

Salven's reflections are accompanied by a series of paintings—vivid, anonymous portraits of soldiers. Fort Ord, once a community of more than 30,000 soldiers, was closed in the late 1990s; these paintings are now being used as window covers on several abandoned barracks. Also included are color photographs of the fort and the surrounding landscape in its strangely beautiful state today.

Veterans and soldiers alike will find this book particularly meaningful, as will anyone seeking to better understand this important period in U.S. history and its impact on those who lived through it. By turns amusing and heartbreaking, The Soldier Factory has the quiet, reverent quality of a memorial. Color illustrations throughout.

ISBN: 0807615722

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Soldier's Heart

By Lee Burkins

Surviving a war is a blessing, living to understand it is a curse. Soldier’s Heart, a memoir of war and inquiry into life, is a personal journey of discovering the root of all violence, and the life necessary for peace.

As a Green Beret Sergeant in the Special Forces, Lee Burkins was a combat leader of indigenous tribal warriors conducting secret government missions against the communists in Laos and Cambodia. Although Lee believed his war experiences would prepare him for anything in life, he had no idea of the mental and emotional struggle he would later face in recovering his humanity.

Winding between the uncharted jungles of South East Asia, the little known culture of the Montagnard tribes, the psychiatrist’s office in Hawaii and a multicolored civilian life, Lee takes us into a warrior’s inner world of struggle to comprehend the reasons behind humanity’s penchant for war, society’s treatment of soldiers, and the government’s denial of war induced psychological trauma now known as PTSD.

Soldier’s Heart distinguishes itself from other stories of war by taking prisoner the psyche of humanity that perpetuates war and by using the serum of truth to uncover the intelligence to end war.

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Sparring With Charlie

Motorbiking Down the Ho Chi Minh Trail

By Christopher Hunt

What happens when an American, too young to have fought in Vietnam, goes looking for the notorious Ho Chi Minh Trail? Follow Christopher Hunt's insightful, often-comical journey through a country with one foot mired in the past and the other foot groping for the future.

ISBN: 0-385-48128-4

Known Retail Price: $12.95 (paperback)

Immediate Orders: 1-800-233-5780

Available in the Travel Essay sections of major book stores and independent booksellers.

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Internet orders: www.amazon.com
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Spinning Tails: Helicopter Stories

By Jan Hornung

From the jungles of Vietnam to the heavens of Hawaii, across the world from New Zealand to America, and around-the-world flights,
you'll fly with pilots, crew members, soldiers, nurses, and adventure seekers.

Join Huey 091 in her journey from Vietnam to a backyard wedding decades later. Fly in the battles of wartime helicopter crews.
Find out why some people dream of helicopter flight, while others have nightmares of the memories.

Laugh at flight follies, admire heroes of the flight line, crash midair into another helicopter,
and use in-flight emergency procedures when you hear, "You're on Fire!"

More than thirty writers contributed stories, poems, and insights that represent myriad adventures, heartaches, ecstasies, horrors,
and wonders that helicopters have to offer. Helicopter history, winged wisdom, and flight facts are scattered throughout the book.

ISBN: 0-595-30221-1
Published: Nov-2003

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STEALTH PATROL: The Making of a Vietnam Ranger

By Bill Shanahan & John P. Brackin

Fed up with his rifle-company duty in Vietnam, Bill Shanahan volunteered for the Lurps and never looked back. The Lurps operated in small teams - only six men per mission - and working behind enemy lines, were able to quietly turn the tables on the VC. Instead of being the hunted - the Lurps were the ones doing the hunting.

Stealth Patrol is the story of that experience - one man's journey from grunt to Lurp - and all the action in between: the hyper-intensive training, the "live" trial mission, the countless ambushes and coordinated artillery strikes. In 1969, the Lurps were reconfigured, becoming known by their now familiar name: the Army Rangers. Bill Shanahan was right there at the heart of it.

ISBN: 0306812738

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A Joni Bour Book Review

A Step From Heaven

By K.L. Bye

Illustrations by Frank Schaffer, 1st Av. Brigade, 1973

Poems on Vietnam from a combat soldier's point of view.



"With unerring accuracy, Bye understands and writes the feelings of America's warriors."

--Chris Noel, actress, AFRV 1966-1971.
". . .tuning fork for the soul. . ."
--Rev. Ray Stubbe, Chaplain at Khe Sanh.



ISBN: 0-9641975-0-3
PRICE: $10.00 (MN residents add $0.65 state tax)
Turtle Run Publishing
PO Box 267
Circle Pines, MN 55014
FAX - 612-784-4536

The Stone Throwers: A Man-Hunt for Vietnam War Draft Evaders

By Jackie R. Kays

The Stone Throwers is a fictional novel about a series of events that occurs during and immediately after the Vietnam War. The storyline involves a group of ex-military enraged over the amnesty granted the 200,000 Vietnam War draft evaders. They formed an assassination team and attempted to eliminate as many draft evaders as possible. They are pursued by a Special FBI Task Force and after a thrilling chase over two continents are finally stopped.

A fast-paced action adventure that unfolds immediately after the end of the Vietnam war. The Stone Throwers involves, murder, revenge, intrigue and misplaced loyalties.

ISBN: 0595165680


By Steve Samples

Eleanor Roosevelt once called the United States Marines a group of "underpaid, oversexed, teenage killers." For better or worse, her statement rings as true today as it did seventy years ago.

Throughout our nations history we have fought wars not with physically and intellectually developed men, but with adolescents who are sometimes not even out of their teens.

At no time since the Civil War was this presence of youth more apparent than during the Vietnam conflict.

From the first shots fired in 1960 until the wars end, the average American combat troop was nineteen years old. And in some circles nineteen was considered an old man.

The story of Steve Stoner, an eighteen-year-old Marine, focuses on a Marine machinegun team assigned to the dangerous I Corps area near the demilitarized zone between North and South Vietnam. The characters in this book are based on actual Marines who fought the war.

This book is dedicated to those teenagers who wore the globe, ball, and anchor, and won over 90% of the major battles they faced against one of the world's toughest foes.

ISBN: 1553950143

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The Story of Ray Davis

By General Raymond G. Davis, USMC (Ret.)

General Davis has earned the Medal of Honor, the Navy Cross, two Distinguished Service Medals, two Silver Stars, two Legion of Merit, a Bronze Star, a Purple Heart, five Presidential Unit Citations, five Navy Unit Citations, fourteen Campaigns, and fourteen Foreign Awards.


Please consider making at least a
$25 purchase / donation for each book request.
NC residents add 6% sales tax.
Allow four weeks for delivery.

All proceeds of book purchases/donations go to American Legion Post #30, Lincolnton, North Carolina.

Each hardcover book will be personally autographed by General Davis with your desired inscription.


MasterCard, VISA, Discover, AmEx, and checks accepted.


Call or email John Turp
Quality Plans & Software, Inc.
2645 Devine Road
Iron Station, NC 28080

Strong Hearts, Wounded Souls:
Native American Veterans of the Vietnam War

By Dr. Tom Holm

The book is an excellent resource and is the first major study of American Indians in Vietnam. The book chronicles American Indians' perspective of war add readjustment to civilian life. It also describes the ancient tribal ceremony and rituals that are used to heal the traditional American Indians upon their return from the military.

# ISBN: 0292730985

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