Contemporary Vietnam

The Galleries in this section contain photographs depicting life in present-day Vietnam. These photographs were contributed by Veterans and friends of Veterans.

For additional information, please contact the individual photographers. Contributions of additional photographs are welcomed. Please contact Bill McBride or John Rossie if you wish to participate.

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Pictures from Richard Lennon's 1996 Vietnam Trip

(and a few from his 1968 tour in Vietnam). The original trip that led to his return in 1998.

Pictures from Richard Lennon's 1998 Return to Vietnam.

Read his account of the successful search for the story and the crew of a Navy Swift Boat (PCF-19) lost to friendly fire in 1968 near the mouth of the Cua Viet River.

Richard Lennon served as an Marine armor officer in Vietnam. In 1996 he revisited the areas he had served in and visited, for the first time, other areas of the country. He has included some pictures taken during his 1968 tour just South of the DMZ.

Then And Now

Comparing photos from the war to recent photos: 30 Years of Change

Near Con Thien

Rebuilding the US Embassy in Saigon

Movie Theater in Baria

Flag Square in Vung Tau

FSB Horseshoe in Phouc Tuy Province

At Khe Sanh

At Khe Sanh - #2

Hill Assault on Route 9

Photos by Garry Adams

Garry served with the 6th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment. He has been back in Vietnam 7 times since 1996, and now provides tours for returning Vets.

Here is a brief biography on Garry.

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Tuan's Photography

Tuan Luong a professional photographer, presents
the culture, traditions and landscapes of Vietnam in 300 photos
taken during a ten weeks trip to Vietnam

Photos by Mark McLeod

Professor Mark McLeod, History Department, University of Delaware, captured these shots while on a recent trip to the Mekong Delta region. He is an annual visitor to Vietnam with a good eye for common events of life and a great camera.

Please feel free to contact Mark if you have questions or comments.

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Photo Images

From Doug Skeggs' 1994 and 1995 bicycle trip to Vietnam.

Jerry Luoma's Photographs

Jerry W. Luoma returned to Vietnam in March of 1995. He had previously been stationed in Vietnam as a Combat Engineer during 1969-1970.

Valerie's Gallery

Photographs by Valerie Schumacher. These photographs were taken during Ms. Schumacher's trips to Vietnam in 1994 and 1995.

Grunt's Gallery--1993

Joe Conte returned to Vietnam in 1993 to photograph the people and countryside. Joe served in Vietnam during the War as an Army Infantryman.

Khe Sanh Combat Base

Peter Brush served as a Marine artilleryman during the seige of Khe Sanh in 1967. He took these pictures of his old "stomping grounds" during a visit in 1993.

Joe Conte's first picture from his current visit to Vietnam.

This is Joe's second return trip since he served there during the War. We will be featuring Joe's 1995 trip pictures, stories, video, and audio as it arrives. Here is a picture of Joe at the "Victory" statue at Khe Sanh Combat Base.

Here is a Close Up of the same photo. This is a larger image and will take longer to load.

An off-site location with some beautiful Vietnam vacation scenery.

If you have photos to contribute, please contact John Rossie or Bill McBride