Hue and surrounding areas

The stadium in Hue is several blocks east of Highway 1 and south of the river by a couple of blocks. The stadium is in the process of having a face lift and may not look the same as it did in 1968.

This house is between the stadium and Highway 1, and is one of several old buildings that would be still much as they were during the time of the fighting.

These photo's were taken south of the river and to the east of Highway 1 and show the Causeway area and some battle damage to an old wall which was situated just behind the old Navy boat ramp area (about 250 meters west of the causeway).

The photos of the buildings were taken on the other side of the northern side of the road from the Hue University Annex (Now the Saigon Morin Hotel) lots of hard fighting in this area. One of the buildings should be the old French Cultural Centre...the other, well it was just across from the hotel but I could not find a name for it.

The last of the three attached shows a small sampan, made from what looks to be a drop tank cut in half.

Doc Lao Park is on the south east side of the bridge and was used as a landing zone for some of the dust off choppers during the fight for the city.

Here is a bunker at the north west end of the bridge which may be in the general area where Cpl. Lester Tully took out an NVA machine gun on day 1 of the battle...although it was described as an open topped bunker. It may have been modified later in the war? Just around the corner these days there are some sidewalk sellers and among the items for sale are Claymore firing devices and other wartime bits and pieces.

A battle scarred corner post inside the Citadel. This is one of two just outside and to the north of the Imperial Palace throne room.

This photo was taken at the back of the Palace area and looking south towards the Imperial Palace.

This shot was taken inside the Imperial Throne Room which has probably not changed much since the war.

All Photography Copyright 2004, Garry Adams. All rights reserved.

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