Rebuilding the Embassy in Saigon

Up until about June, 1998, the old US Embassy building in Saigon looked about the same as it had since the mid 1970s. Other than the addition of the "Peace Plaque" out front, it was just an abandoned building that tourists posed in front of.

In June, the de-construction began, as shown in this picture shared with us by Garry Adams of Australia. A much LARGER version is also available.

We'll try to keep up to speed with the re-construction and the ultimate new housing for Embassy staff in Saigon, Vietnam.

UPDATE May 10, 1999:
The site has been cleared but little can be seen through the gates which are now covered by sheets of tin to stop anyone viewing the area. There is a much smaller building being built in one corner but only the roof is visible. From a brief glimpse, before I was asked to leave, I saw that the rest of the site is still covered by a bit of rubble so there has not been much progression at all since last visit.

For anyone interested, I did find the original US Embassy building in Saigon that was used until the security threat became too great and they moved to the site of this current rebuild.

UPDATE June 28, 1999:
Garry Adams has once again come through. Here is a photo of the NEW US EMBASSY entrance in Saigon , taken around June 18. Garry reports as follows:
"I am pleased to report that the new U.S. Consulate is nearly finished and I have been reliably informed by the old lady who sold photo's outside the original embassy for many years that it will be officially opened on the 4th of July 99. The rest of the grounds are still not viewable so I do not know what will be done behind the remaining wall...from what I have seen the area is still full of rubble."

So it looks like we're on line for a July 4th opening of the rebuilt Consultate Building. Regarding the MISSING PLAQUE, I've still heard nothing.