Photographs from Garry Adams

This photo was taken outside the front gate of the old Chu Lai Base. There isn't anything to see behind the gate but some sandhills so I presume the current base is further back in from the road. We could not hang can see that the guard is just about to come running out in an effort to try and catch us for taking the photo. Our driver wasted no time in getting out of the area.

This series of photo's were taken from Route 9 on the way to Khe Sanh and eventually Laos.

This first photo shows an area just before The Rockpile comes into view.

This shot clearly shows The Rockpile and The Razor Back. These are some pretty familiar names to most marines who served in I Corps.

This photo is of the valley to the west of the Rockpile which can be seen just at edge of the photo.

This shows the terrain on the right hand side of Route 9 just a few clicks to the east Khe Sanh.

Photo of the US aircraft shot down over Hanoi in 1964.

This photo was taken across the Perfume River just to the west of Hue City. The box on top of the hill in the middle is an old French bunker. I believe this may have been the location for one of the last battles during the fighting in Hue. By reading Kieth Nolan's book on the battle it may have been the site where they were also hit by one of their own airstrikes while trying to take the hill, but I guess only the marines who fought on this hill could tell us that.

Old US aircraft shelters at DaNang, now sheltering MiG-21's, as seen by the tail fins.

A PT-76 light amphibious tank on display as an NVA memorial at the old Special Forces Camp location at Lang Vei, which was overrun in 1968.

A destroyed artillary piece at Khe Sanh, probably a 155mm, now part of a small museum on the Khe Sanh battle site.

A photo of the country north west of Con Thien taken from the center knoll.

A portion of Mutter's Ridge taken from Route 9.

This picture was snapped out of the window of an aircraft on final approach to the airfield at Haiphong, where the bomb craters from strikes during the war are still highly visible. This photo shows bomb craters visible on leaving Noi Bai Airport, Hanoi.

Nam O Bridge near Red Beach, DaNang.

Photos copyright Garry Adams 1998, 1999, 2000, 2002.

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