Photos by Mark McLeod

Professor Mark McLeod, History Department, University of Delaware, captured these shots while on a recent trip to the Mekong Delta region. He is an annual visitor to Vietnam with a good eye for common events of life and a great camera.

Please feel free to contact Mark if you have questions or comments.

On the Vinh-te Canal; Ha-tien province.

Cambodian-style ox-drawn cart; Ha-tien province.

Water porter; Hoc-mon district.

Market on the River; Hoc-mon district.

Welcome to Vietnam! Hoc-mon district.

Field-workers harvesting rice; Hoc-mon district.

Boat repair; Hoc-mon district.

Rambutan harvest; Hoc-mon district.

Boy in boat; Hoc-mon district.

Khmer Krom family (ethnic Cambodians); Chau-doc province.

Bringing in the sheaves; Chau-doc province.

Village on the Mekong; Chau-doc province.

Drying paddy; Chau-doc province.

Going to market; Mekong River, Chau-doc province.

Girls gleaning rice; Chau-doc province.

Ambulatory vegetable vendor; Chau-doc province.

Houses on stilts; Mekong River, Chau-doc Province.

Street urchins; Long-xuyen City.

Roadside restaurants; Ho Chi Minh City.

The Durian-merchant of Notre Dame; Ho Chi Minh City.

Peripatetic peanut vendor; Ho Chi Minh City.

Squid for sale; Ho Chi Minh City.

Export of Rambutans; Hoc-mon district.

All photos copyright Mark W. McLeod, 1996