Tributes to Lewis B. Puller Jr.

This Gallery contains tributes to Lewis B. Puller Jr. These come from a wide variety of sources--friends, people that worked with him, and people that only knew "of" him.

Contributions are welcomed. Please contact Sally Griffis at her Internet address for additional information on submitting material to this section and for any questions and comments.

To me, he is a testament...

By John Mozee Jr.

Lewis Burwell Puller Jr.,
1st Lieutenant, U.S.M.C.

By Dennis Wasson

Who Killed The Pig?

By Rod (Chic) Cicchetto

Maybe you can help

By Paul D. Rangel Jr.

Making the best he could with what he had

By Charles F. Raubeson

I Was There

By Carl Haynes

"A Gunny Remembers" A remembrance of Lewis B. Puller, Jr.

By Gunnery Sergeant Lee Forester, USMCR, Vietnam Veteran.

"The Fortunate Son"

By Palmer Hall

"His Own Hand--A Casualty of the War"

By Constance Menefee

"For Lewis B. Puller Jr."

By Maggie Jaffe

The Puller School

A Living Tribute to Lewis
Built by the VMA in Dong Ha, Vietnam

"Like Father, Like Son"

Helmuts Feifs writes about Puller's speech given to
2nd Division Marines.


By Robert W. Baird

A poem dedicated to the memory of Lewis B. Puller Jr.
on the anniversary of attending his funeral.

"Lost on Patrol"

By Joseph Fegan

"The Funeral of Lewis Burwell Puller Jr."

By Tom Edmonds

"I Knew Lew Puller Jr."

By Bill McBride

"Area's 'fortunate son' dies"

Article from The Rappahannock Record

May 19,1994