The Fortunate Son

by H. Palmer Hall *From the Periphery: Poems and Essays* Chili Verde Press ISBN: 0-9640612-4-4 For Lewis B. Puller d. May 11, 1994 from a festering wound They shouldn't call it suicide, this self-inflicted gunshot wound- the trigger squeezed so many years ago- day by day, the fragment slipped inside. His name won't be chiseled on the Wall. He won't reflect your face for you. He doesn't qualify. He missed the cut-off date. He died too late. Lewis Puller? You'll find him on the Wall. He's always been there. Chesty's son, Marine lieutenant, tripped a mine, lost his legs, made his hero daddy proud, wrote a book, held firm the lives of all of us, but, finally, could not hold his own.