Dear sally;

I have just recently stumbled across this web site, and upon seeing The article on lew puller, and his book "fortunate son".

I just wanted to take a minute of your time to tell a story of a Visit a friend of mine, (navy seabees 67-68), and I made to attend the 10th anniversary of the vietnam memorial wall years ago.

On veterans day, we went to visit the wall, and we were quite a Contrast to those there. He was in his jeans and denim jacket and Wearing a bandana on his head, as he is a harley rider. I, on the other Hand, wore my alpha uniform, as I am still in the marine corps, (U.s.m.c.r.). we are both vietnam veterans, and both have lost friends In nam.

An older master sergeant approached me and asked if I would be able To help assist a handicapped veteran up to the podium so that he could Read off some names of fallen marines he had served with. The master Sergeant had with him, another , much younger marine, also dressed in Uniform.

I told him that I would be honored to do this, and he proceeded to Take myself and the younger marine over near the stage area, towards a Gentleman sitting in a wheelchair.

I was pleasantly surprised when he introduced us to lewis puller, the Son of chesty puller, the marine corps legend. We shook his hand and Spoke briefly before escorting him up the ramp to the podium, and helped Him onto a stool where the microphone was located.

After he was finished reading off these names to the quiet somber Crowd of people, we helped him back to his chair, shook his hand again, And departed the area.

Shortly thereafter, I would read his book, fortunate son, and through The book, I was able to know him better than I did back at the wall.

I am sorry for all of the pain and suffering, both physically, and Mentally, that lewis puller had to endure. I'm sure that he had been Under much pressure and close observation from the day he entered the Marine corps, until the day he was wounded in vietnam, and probably Afterwards too, I'm sure.

I am just glad that I did have an opportunity to meet with this good Man, and learn more about him.

Semper fi!

Gy. Sgt. Lee forester
Vietnam 1968-69