Maybe you can help

My name is Paul D. Rangel Jr. I was with Mr. Puller when he step on that mine. I saw Mr. Puller in D.C. at the 10th year anniversary. At that time, he was signing autographs; and I decided to let him enjoy the moment. I only wish I could have gotten back with him before it was too late.

Now, I am trying to locate his radio man and my friend, Richard Watson. Last place, he was a teacher in Va. somewhere. His nick name was "Red" and mine was "Ringo." Maybe you can help, maybe not, before it's too late again.

Gulf Co. 3rd patoon 2nd bat.
1st.Maine div. Afa.squad.
'67-'68 Viet-Nam
Paul D. Rangel Jr.
Phone: (810) 792-4215, 4PM-7PM

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