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Editor's NOTE

Since the "VVHP" was created, these "Aids" have been gathered and archived from many different sources for our viewers who email us with questions and request information. It was decided to place this information into a Gallery on this Site for more accessibility by our readers and referral to by our VVHP volunteers.

Some text will be placed as they were received, as in a List or an email, to keep the intent and integrity and may be referring to a specific issue, person or case. While the primary purpose may be vague to the reader, the information is deemed to be of benefit. Where possible, automatic email "Mail To:" forms have been placed for further questions and feedback.

Since it is impossible for us to thoroughly research every "Aid," this Index is offered as a guide and starting place; and we recommend caution in using these sources and their claims, as you would with any source you use. Most, we hope, will be helpful. If you have a like source you use that is not listed here, please email it to me by clicking on my hypertexted name below. This Gallery is by no means complete and will continue to grow.

As some "Aids" have been in our files over time, all may not be viable. If you find any email addresses, Web Site URLs, phone numbers, etc. that are not working, please email me at: Deanna. Be sure to check the revision date on each file, as that will be changed when more sources and information are added.

Some sources are off our Site or may be linked to Main Sections and Galleries of this Home Page. Please Bookmark your place here and/or use your Web browser's "Back" feature to return to this index when needed.

The "front door" of this "Vietnam Veterans Home Page" Web Site can be found at: index.htm. There are five, diverse, main sections and more in two mirror Sites loaded with information and images. The full, main (front door) URLs of the "VVHP" Sites are:


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Main URLs, Etc.

To expedite, the following are offered up-front, as they encompass a variety of sources and information too numerous to include the parts in each appropriate heading in the "Information by Topic" section which follows these main URLs and numbers. These may not appear elsewhere in this Gallery.

Information by Topic

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