Fisher House Program

Having a loved one seriously ill or critically injured takes a toll on family members, especially if treatment must be provided at a medical center far from home. But the military and the Fisher House Program provide some relief for active duty and retired members' families -- temporary lodging near military medical centers.

There are 26 Fisher Houses located on 16 military installations and at four Department of Veterans Affairs medical centers, including two in design and planning. The houses are furnished homes donated by Zachary and Elizabeth M. Fisher of New York.

Each Fisher House has eight suites, two of which are designed for handicapped access. The houses can accommodate up to 16 family members; and they feature a common kitchen, laundry facilities, dining room, and living room, complete with fireplace, library, and toys for children.

Reservations and arrangements for placement in a Fisher House are determined locally. The average charge is less than $10.00 per night. Several of the Fisher Houses offer free lodging.

Fisher Houses have full-time managers but depend on volunteers for assistance. To obtain more information about eligibility and volunteering opportunities, please contact:

House Manager or Executive Director
Fisher House Foundation, INC.
1401 Rockville Pike
Rockville, MD 20852

Telephone (301) 294-8560

Zachary and Elizabeth M. Fisher Houses are located at:


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