Locators & Reunions -- Lost and Found

"How To Locate Anyone Who Is Or Has Been In The Military"
By Lt. Col. Richard S. Johnson
ISBN 1-877639-11-7

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This book details how to go about ordering all sorts of records, unit diaries, rosters, logs, etc. from each of the service branches. It also tells where other kinds of records are housed such as the historical archives of the service branches.

It lists numerous service-branch/unit-related associations and organizations. Phone numbers and addresses are provided; and, in many cases, specific instructions are given as to any special protocol necessary to getting this or that info.

Deanna, et al...

He can check out the unit organizations to see if there is a newsletter being published, etc. which may put him in contact with others from his unit....if they have a historian for their group, he may have gotten some of the reports, etc.

What about his letters back home? Did anybody keep them? He may have talked about certain things in those letters.

If he needs names of those he served with, he can get them from the National Personnel Records Center by asking for his unit roster....if this is what he wants to do, I'll write out a copy of the form that I give out to folks that he can use.

If he wants to try to contact one of his buddies, we can try to help out there through FVVM, searching in phone books, etc.

Tell him "WELCOME HOME" from me....and thanks for serving his country at a time when it was not popular to do so...especially when you said you served in Vietnam. Although he and others may not have known it at the time, there were people who did care about them while they were over there and after they came home....and still do. If he reaches out, there will be a lot of folks who will grasp that hand. He was in service for us, how can we be of service to him?


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Also access the "Record Archives, Unit Diaries, Rosters, Etc." and "Locations (Land, Email, Phone, URLs) of Division Assns, Etc." headings in this Index.

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