The Lost and Found

This section is a World Wide Web Vietnam Veteran Location Service. The purpose of this section is to help other Veterans and friends of Vietnam Veterans locate Veterans and others who served in Vietnam during the war years.

To Submit a Listing:
Click HERE (Automatic Listing Form) and provide as much information as possible on the person (s) you are looking for. This information should include: name, rank, organization, home town, nickname, time period in-country, last known duty assignment, etc.

We will post whatever you are able to send us, however, the more you can provide, the better the chances of success. If you have a picture in .jpg, .gif or other scanned format, so much the better.

Please include your mailing address and/or email address so respondees can contact you. Phone numbers are optional.

Also see the Locators page of our"Information and Search Aids" section.

The team leader of this section is Bill Crumlett.

Updated: Continuous Updates are in effect Use the search engine link below

We have added an updated search engine to the Lost and Found Section.

Click HERE to view all of the listings. Select Service and the time frame you are interested in from the drop down lists. To search by name, enter the last name of the person into the entry box and press "SEARCH". you can also enter unit, location, and other information into the search window.

Note: All of the listings from 1994 onward are included in the database. There are over 50,000 entries. Some are incomplete, outdated, or duplicates. We will be removing these over time. If you would like to change or delete an entry that you posted, or that involves you, please send an email to Bill with the details (name of person searched for, etc.) and what you would like done with the entry.