Vietnam Veteran Counselling Service

                     VIETNAM VETERAN COUNSELLING SERVICE             

       First of all, please note that this board is in no way connected
       with, sponsored by or in any other way, associated with the VVCS.
       The information published here is available to any member of the 
       public upon request to the VVCS.

                          The VVCS -  What is it ?

       It's a counselling service for veterans and their families.

       Although Australia's military involvement in Vietnam ended in 1972
       there are still many veterans who need assistance because of their
       war experiences.

       Many still suffer from personal, health and relationship difficulties
       because of these experiences and, perhaps, an unsatisfactory homeco-

       The effects of a veteran's stress and readjustment difficulties are
       felt most strongly by family and close friends, so we encourage ve-
       terans and family members to use the service.

       Since the VVCS opened in 1982 more than 12,197 veterans have used the
       counselling service and, on average, 89 people each month make contact
       with the VVCS for the first time.

       The VVCS is relaxed, informal, attentive, confidential and free. 
       Although Government-funded, it's not just another Government office.

                          Is the counselling private ?

       Yes, all VVCS interviews are confidential.

       Your VVCS file and interview notes are completely private. The infor-
       mation is not accessible without your permission by any other agency,
       including the Department of Veteran Affairs.


                        What services does the VVCS provide ?

       Counsellors provide or arrange confidential help with:

       * personal crisis.

       * marital, family and other personal relationships.

       * social interaction - that is, getting along with other people.

       * stress and anxiety

       * employment and financial problems.

       Counselling is available for individuals, couples and families. We
       also hold group sessions.

       Other VVCS services include:

       * All centres have a 008 number so that you can ring from anywhere
         in the State free of charge.

       * volunteer training for veterans and their families, who can 
         contribute by learning how to help others.

       * self - help programs.

       * support groups in country areas.

       Doctors are available for consultations at some VVCS Centres.

       Referrals are made for other specialized services if necessary.
       Country clients can be referred free of charge to local counselling


                             Who can use the VVCS ?

       Veterans, or people with personal ties to a veteran, are most welcome.
       Families can get help - if necessary, without involving the veteran.
       Most Centres offer family support services, including partner's groups.

       You don't have to be experiencing a service-related difficulty to use
       the VVCS. Staff will discuss any practical or personal matter, whether
       it appears to be service-related or not.

       VVCS is the veteran's service --- your service ! You can come to the
       Centre alone, with your family, with a friend, or as part of a group.
       .....whatever you prefer.

       The VVCS is often the main point of contact for veterans and their
       families who need welfare or or specialist assistance. In these cases
       VVCS counsellors will make referrals to the relevant specialist or


                            When are Centres open ?

       The Centres are open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, but arrange-
       ments can be made to see counsellors outside these hours and groups
       are frequently held at night.

       You are welcome to call into the Centre informally or you can ring
       for an appointment.


                             Where can I get help ?

       VVCS Centres are baseb in all capital cities as well as Townsville, 
       Launceston and Albury/Wodonga.

       Veteran's Line, a 24 hour, 7-day-a-week telephone counselling service
       operates in all Centres.

       You can get help by contacting your nearest Centre. Phone numbers and 
       addresses are listed for your information.


                           Where are the VVCS Centres ?

       Ground Floor, Melbourne Building
       West Row
       Canberra City 2601
       Tel: (06) 635 9733
            (008) 011 046 ( 24 hours )

       108 Wigram Street
       Harris Park 2150 
       Tel: (02) 635 9733   
            (008) 043 503 ( 24 hours )

       26 Thomson Street
       South Melbourne 3205 
       Tel: (03) 690 5299
            (008) 011 046 ( 24 hours )

       91 Hume Street
       Wodonga 3690 
       Tel: (060) 56 1341
            (008) 011 046 ( 24 hours )

       Wimpole Place
       15 Astor Terrace
       Spring Hill 4000
       Tel: (07) 831 6100
            (008) 011 046 ( 24 hours )

       Shop 17, Kingsvale Shopping Centre
       300 Ross River Road
       Aitkenvale 4814
       Tel: (077) 75 5488
            (008) 019 332 ( 24 hours )

       99 Frome Street
       Adelaide 5000
       Tel: (08) 213 2300
            (008) 011 046 ( 24 hours )

       Shop 6, Cascom Centre
       Bradshaw Terrace
       Casuarina 0810
       Tel: (089) 27 941
            (008) 011 046 ( 24 hours )

       44 Outram Street
       West Perth 6005
       Tel: (09) 481 1955
            (008) 011 046 ( 24 hours )

       2 Castray Esplanade
       Battery Point 7004
       Tel: (002) 31 0488
            (008) 011 046 ( 24 hours )

       29 Elphin Road
       Launceston 7250
       Tel: (003) 31 7500
            (008) 011 046 ( 24 hours )