Fund Raiser Information


I will provide prints at my wholesale price to any organized group (VFW, American Legion, DAV, VVA, etc.) that wishes to raise money.

I will send you prints on consignment (you send no money until you sell the prints). If you do not sell all the prints, then return them in good condition for credit. You pay for the return shipping.

I will give you a signed print for your group at no charge.

I will also give you 2 signed prints for you to raffle off and you keep all the money for your group - no charge.

You will get a dedicated display board to use as a sales aid. It has a print and a print explanation on it.

I want this to be a WIN - WIN program.

Wholesale price is $7.50 per print - Retail price is $15.00 per print

Your group nets $7.50 per print.

Feel free to contact me at any time to arrange shipping or if you have any questions.


William R. Gunzelman (GUNZ)
phone: 301-469-7445

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